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Representative 49.9% APR

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £5,000 for 3 months at £1807.16 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5421.48. Interest Amount: £421.48. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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What is a Secured Loan?

A secured loan is another form of personal loan with an unsecured loan on the other side. It is comparatively a large loan where the borrowers are bound to secure the borrowed sum with one of their assets, such as a home, car or any valuable one.

It is a risk-free loan for the lender, particularly as it has the collateral to compensate the remaining amount after the borrowers’ inability to pay. On the other hand, borrowers may be at the risk as they have to lose the possession if they default in between the loan term. The amount limit and the term are usually longer than unsecured loans.

Some of the types of secured loans are:-

  • Mortgage
  • Business Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

LoanOrganisation offers secured loans online with only e-documents to share. Do not walk steps outside of your home. Instead, sit there and apply online. We can ensure the lowest interest rates and the option of both fixed and flexible ones.


How Do Secured Personal Loans Work?

Secured personal loans in the UK are generally available both online and offline. Here, you only need to submit an online application.

Here is how our secured loans work for you:-

How Do I Get the Best Secured Loans for Bad Credit?

Getting the best secured personal loans for bad credit people is not challenging at all. We are here to provide you with customised loan offers to meet your financial ends.

Follow these tips before applying and get the best offers from us:-

What is the Difference Between Unsecured and Secured Personal Loans?

Personal loans are of two types in the UK i.e. unsecured and secured personal loans. We have lined up a significant difference between these options that you should know before applying:-

Secured Loans Unsecured Loans
Loans with low risks Higher-risk loans
Lower interest rates Usually, high-interest rates
Longer loan duration Small loan term
Ideal for larger financial ends Best during financial emergencies
Significant impact on credit score Slight mark on credit report

What are the Advantages of Secured Personal Loan with Bad Credit?

There are many advantages of secured personal loans for individuals with bad credit. We offer the following:-

Easy-to-Get: Since you have secured the loan amount with your home or car, you can quickly get the loan approval. It is despite your bad or poor credit score.

Borrow Large Amount: You get the opportunity to borrow larger amount with these secured loans. It can go up to £100,000 or more depending upon your current income scale.

Ideal for Bigger financial goals: Do you need to fund a large home improvement project or a costly education fee for your kid? Pledge the collateral, get the amount and fulfil your financial goals.

Longer Loan Term: Compared to unsecured loans, you get the loan approval for a comparatively more extended period. It can be until 10 years based on the amount borrowed and your loan affordability.

No Guarantor is Needed: People with lower credit score often struggle to find a guarantor to back them. With us, you can get approval on loans with no guarantor since collateral is already there.

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Can I get a Secured Loan with No Credit Check?

Availing of a secured loan with no credit check may be difficult especially when someone has a bad credit issue. No lender can promise a loan without a credit check, especially if a large loan like a secured loan is there.

As the responsible loan provider in the UK, we offer loans with a soft credit check policy. It will be away from any search footprint and harm your credit profile. We know that you have a poor credit history just because of past mistakes, but currently, you are performing well in your finances.

Sometimes, we do not check the credit score but only in specific conditions like you have already applied for a loan from us or, as mentioned earlier, you are improving your current payments.

Where to Use Quick Secured Loans?

Quick secured personal loans have many uses for bad credit people. It is especially when they can fetch larger amount for longer duration. You can use secured loans for following purposes:-

  • Home Purchase
  • Buying a Property
  • Large Debt Consolidation
  • Extensive Education Expenses
  • New or Used Car Purchase
  • Major Home Improvements
  • Large Purchases
  • Starting a Business
  • Funding Existing Business

Why LoanOrganisation for Secured Personal Loans?

Secured loans here do not harm your credit score more. We take care of your financial profile and offer secured loans for your affordability.

Given below are some reasons why our financial assistance is unique from others and valuable too.


Our loan deals are quite relevant to your financial goals. We frame loans here according to the aspirants’ prevailing financial circumstances and income capacity.


You can rely on our loans in any given situation. We do not unveil your personal details to anyone and keep them only between us. Besides, no upfront charges are there to surprise you.


We have a wide online reach all over the UK. You can apply for secured personal loans wherever you are residing. Our services are available 24/7, and instant response to your loan query is sure.

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What are secured loans?

Secured loans are loans provided against some collateral from the borrower for a specific amount. The lender keeps an asset as loan security, and a loan of the equivalent amount is provided to the borrower. Secured loans are also known as long-term loans.

The asset submitted must have a value equivalent to the loan taken. The asset works as collateral to get the required funds. If the borrower fails to pay back or defaults, the lender has the right to acquire the asset.

Is a secured loan a good idea?

Yes. A secured loan is a good loan option because:

  • You can apply for such a loan even if you have a bad credit score
  • You can use the loan for the consolidation of your debts
  • These are long-term loan options and help you with your financial goals.
  • These loans can even be repaid earlier without incurring any additional charges.
  • These loans can be taken even with lower income levels.
  • Easy to get the loan against various types of collaterals such as car, home, pension etc.

Are secured loans easier to get?

Secured loans are easy to get. You have to follow some simple steps and can get the loan.

  • Provide your personal details in a single page form
  • Submit the form online or mail along with your documents and collateral documents
  • The documents are then verified, and the amount & interest rates are decided. The loan quote is shared instantly with you
  • Once you confirm the quote, the loan amount gets transferred to your bank account

Such easy is the process to avail of secured loans. The only thing to be ready with is the right and complete documentation regarding the asset you would submit as collateral.

How risky is a secured loan?

Even though it is a good and viable loan option, it brings its own risks along. Some of the risks involved are:

  • You may lose possession of your asset in case you fail to repay back or default.
  • Secured loans require documentation of the collateral asset to be verified. Hence these loans are slightly slower than unsecured loans.
  • Being long-term loans, the impact of secured loans is quite high on your credit history and score. Hence, you would need to be extra cautious and careful to repay the loan and make the instalments right on time.

Where do I apply for a secured loan?

You do not need to go through any broker or middleman. You are most welcome or invited to apply for a secured loan online directly. Simply go through the website and explore the various loan options to decide which loan option suits your needs and start applying over the website.

Keep the documents of the collateral ready with you for verification. Finalize the loan option on the website and select it. Submit the documents and receive the quote. Confirm the quote and receive the required money.

Where can I borrow money ASAP?

You need the loan quickly, and in easy steps, is your stop. You will find no other place faster than Avail of the loan against your collateral within 24 hours of applying.

You will get loan amounts quickly in your bank accounts and get the lowest interest rates in the market and hassle-free process. We provide an instant decision regarding the loan amount and even offer a same-day loan payout to you.

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