Secured Loans

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Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

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Do you want to be secured in your finance throughout your life? You may be thinking about what silly question that we have put here. Of course, everyone wants financial stability in their lives. We are asking this question because not everyone has the same liberty.

There have been some challenges to face and some problems to bear. They should have a proper solution, and secured loans pave the way for a relevant solution.

These are also called secured homeowner loans and long-term loans. Borrowers apply for these loans when they need a significant amount of money. The lender offers the loans after keeping a borrower’s asset as loan security.

Secured Loans

The asset should have an equal value to the desired amount. In simpler words, the asset works as the loan collateral that allows borrowers to fetch funds and lenders to take possession of that asset if the borrower defaults.

Loanorganisation is a responsible direct lender providing these long-term loans on reasonable lending norms.

Due to the fear of losing the asset, you should look for the best secured loans in the UK. Therefore, continue to read below to know everything about secured loans.


When unsecured loans are applicable for financial emergencies, secured loans in the UK are meant for substantial financial help that works for a longer duration. Borrowers get the desired money after placing their property, vehicle, or movable asset as loan collateral.

Lenders are always willing to offer secured loans against property. They can use your property if you do not make the repayments. It defines that borrowers have the opportunity to gain guaranteed loan approval and assures security for the lender that they can get their amount back.

These loans ensure a win-win situation for both the lender and borrower. However, borrowers may be risky as they can lose the asset in case of loan default.


We take care of your loan chances and guide you adequately to maintain the repayments without any hassle. Here are secured loan features that we bring for you:-

  • Fast loan decision
  • No Upfront Charges
  • Lower interest rates
  • Free loan quote
  • Bad credit acceptance
  • Affordable loan deals
  • New flexible norms
  • No impact on credit score
  • Soft credit check

We are ready with bespoke deals on secured loans. Do you want one of them?


In most times, lenders offer secured loans, particularly to those who are homeowners. They can obtain loans secured on property, and lenders feel no risk in funding their financial needs. These people should have a mortgage and have equity in their property.

If you are not the homeowner and struggle to qualify for loans, we have exclusive alternatives for you. For instance, unsecured loans or personal loans are there for smaller financial needs.

As the responsible direct lender, we offer secured loans online that any homeowner can easily pursue. The steps are as follow:-

  • Fill out a single-page online form with personal details;
  • Submit the form and mail us the documents of pledge assets;
  • We take a quick look at the papers and decide the amount as well as the interest rates;
  • You get an instant loan quote from us that you can confirm;
  • Once everything is done, we release the funds to your bank account.

We have a 99% record of instant loan approval. If you also want the same, you need to keep your documents ready and apply as early as possible. We instant reply to your loan query and release funds to your bank account on the same day.


Loanorganisation may be like other private lenders in the UK, but our lending products are indeed unique from others. With us, you may have cheap secured loans if you are sincere during the application procedure.

Most lenders allow secured loans only on property, as they feel more secure with it. We are more flexible than them and will enable you to submit any one of many types of collateral, like:-


We can accept your application for secured loans against the car. However, you must be the owner of that car, and it should not be older than 5 years. You can get a loan amount equal to the current value of your car.


It is the most common form of collateral that lenders accept. You can keep your home as the loan security and get a huge amount for a longer financial purpose. We can offer secured home loans even it is jointly owned with your spouse.


This unique aspect makes us different from others. We can offer loans secured against pension if it is considerable in amount. The beneficiary people can be unemployed, retired persons or disabled people.

Have you decided on your collateral to place against the loan?


Long term loans are usually considered for the longer financial requirements like purchasing a home or a vehicle. These are useful in fulfilling many needs, whether related to your personal or business life.

Yes, this is the most significant benefit of secured loans in the UK. On the other hand, unsecured loans are quite smaller and largely used for personal ends. Secured loans are applicable for your business goals, which need a considerable amount.

Secured Personal Loans

  • You can apply for loans to purchase a dream home. You can use borrowed sum either as a booking amount or a deposit for a mortgage.
  • One can also apply for a secured loan for improving the home. In fact, we specifically provide secured home improvement loans on lower APRs.
  • You can also approach secured loans to purchase a new or used car. You can make a down payment or fill any financial gap while buying the vehicle.

Secured Business Loans

  • Apply for secured business loans in the UK and get the amount to establish a start-up. You can use the amount to book a location or to purchase infrastructure.
  • These loans can be used for working capital. It means you do not need to disturb your savings, and you can solve your purpose.
  • Secured loans for businesses help have a timely expansion. You can fund the location charges in other cities and start expanding your business sphere.


The flexibility and uniqueness of our lending products give you peace of mind. This comes after receiving continuous rejections from mainstream lenders. As a part of our policy, we can think of you as our qualified borrower to have secured loans for bad credit on instant decision.

We will check your credit score, but we want you to not bother with mentioning credit checks during the application. We perform only soft credit checks that will not impact your credit profile.

Secured loans for poor credit make sure no impact on the past credit history. These loans are available on different criteria where the approval comes from the current income status of the borrowers, not their past performance.

The monthly instalments are easier to follow, and there is no chance of losing the repayment. We need collateral to secure the amount, but the interest may differ slightly from other standard loans.

Other lenders hesitate to offer loans to those with less-than-perfect credit scores. We can offer guaranteed secured loans for bad credit to them only on their current income capacity. Apart from this facility, we bring the following advantages to their favour. These are:-


If you have been facing multiple debts and finding it tough to pay each interest rate, then it will surely be the toughest phase of your financial life. Several debts are more expensive than paying just one.

It is where secured debt consolidation loans can work for you. It may be like a new loan for you, but it can be very significant in clearing all the balances. You can merge all the debts into one and end up paying one single monthly repayment.

You will have a huge sigh of relief, and you can manage your finances in a much better way.

You should know that using credit cards for eliminating multiple debts is a costly affair. If you later cannot pay the credit card bill on time, it can be harmful to your credit profile. Therefore, applying for secured consolidation loans is enough for your financial sustainability.


Whenever you apply for long term loans, there has to be a proper analysis. Similarly, you should compare secured loans to get the best rates. You can compare our rates with anyone, and you will find that you get the most competitive ones here.

We bring many advantages of secured loans for you. However, we feel we have to familiarise you with the risks involved.

Advantages of Secured Loans

  • Since a lender is at least, the chances of loan approval are quite higher.
  • You can borrow more money than any other standard loan option, as the amount is secured with an asset
  • You get the more extended repayment term making it easier to manage from your monthly income.
  • The interest rates are lower, and anyone can manage through the loan life. To get better rates, you can use a secured loans calculator.

Disadvantages of Secured Loans

  • These are risky loans where the borrowers can lose possession if they fail to repay.
  • These loans need some sort of documentation to prove the loan collateral. Thus, they may not be as instant as unsecured loans.
  • During a financial emergency, these loans may not be useful. You should look for other alternatives during the urgency.
  • Secured loans are long-term loans, and their impact on your credit score is significant. You should be extra careful in making all instalments on time.


Many people have varied financial issues. Some of them can be tackled quickly, while some need a longer period to complete. Similarly, there are some small financial needs, which require only a small amount. On the other hand, some needs demand a considerable amount that your savings cannot covered alone.

Such difference between financial needs and desires impacts the borrowers to apply for either secured or unsecured personal loans. When there is a discussion on unsecured loans, it must be compared to secured personal loans and vice versa.

Secured Loans

  • These are long-term loans applied to fulfil large financial goals.
  • These loans are primarily applicable for homeowners.
  • People with bad credit can apply and get lower interest rates as collateral is already placed.
  • Even if you are earning a lower income, you can get approval on the value of your collateral.
  • With a longer repayment period, the loan instalments remain lower every month.

Unsecured Loans

  • These are short-term loans helpful during a financial emergency.
  • Anyone, including homeowners or tenants, can apply for unsecured loans.
  • People with poor credit scores can apply, but they may have to pay slightly higher interest rates.
  • Due to no involvement of the loan collateral, approval is largely depending upon the borrowers’ income.
  • With smaller loan duration, you need to pay higher monthly instalments.

Loanorganisation directly invites you to apply for secured loans. You do not need any broker to approach us, as most people do for long-term loans. Getting the broker in your side will end up hefty to your pocket. Explore our website to know all the loan features and start applying straightway to get the direct secured loan benefits.


What are secured loans?

Secured loans are loans provided against some collateral from the borrower for a specific amount. The lender keeps an asset as loan security, and a loan of the equivalent amount is provided to the borrower. Secured loans are also known as long-term loans.

The asset submitted must have a value equivalent to the loan taken. The asset works as collateral to get the required funds. If the borrower fails to pay back or defaults, the lender has the right to acquire the asset.

Is a secured loan a good idea?

Yes. A secured loan is a good loan option because:

  • You can apply for such a loan even if you have a bad credit score
  • You can use the loan for the consolidation of your debts
  • These are long-term loan options and help you with your financial goals.
  • These loans can even be repaid earlier without incurring any additional charges.
  • These loans can be taken even with lower income levels.
  • Easy to get the loan against various types of collaterals such as car, home, pension etc.

Are secured loans easier to get?

Secured loans are easy to get. You have to follow some simple steps and can get the loan.

  • Provide your personal details in a single page form
  • Submit the form online or mail along with your documents and collateral documents
  • The documents are then verified, and the amount & interest rates are decided. The loan quote is shared instantly with you
  • Once you confirm the quote, the loan amount gets transferred to your bank account

Such easy is the process to avail of secured loans. The only thing to be ready with is the right and complete documentation regarding the asset you would submit as collateral.

How risky is a secured loan?

Even though it is a good and viable loan option, it brings its own risks along. Some of the risks involved are:

  • You may lose possession of your asset in case you fail to repay back or default.
  • Secured loans require documentation of the collateral asset to be verified. Hence these loans are slightly slower than unsecured loans.
  • Being long-term loans, the impact of secured loans is quite high on your credit history and score. Hence, you would need to be extra cautious and careful to repay the loan and make the instalments right on time.

Where do I apply for a secured loan?

You do not need to go through any broker or middleman. You are most welcome or invited to apply for a secured loan online directly. Simply go through the website and explore the various loan options to decide which loan option suits your needs and start applying over the website.

Keep the documents of the collateral ready with you for verification. Finalize the loan option on the website and select it. Submit the documents and receive the quote. Confirm the quote and receive the required money.

Where can I borrow money ASAP?

You need the loan quickly, and in easy steps, is your stop. You will find no other place faster than Avail of the loan against your collateral within 24 hours of applying.

You will get loan amounts quickly in your bank accounts and get the lowest interest rates in the market and hassle-free process. We provide an instant decision regarding the loan amount and even offer a same-day loan payout to you.

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