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Get rid of your financial issues for a long time with best long-term loans on affordable interest rates and repayment plans. Loan Organisation is an established lender of the UK market that commits to offer only best.

Representative 49.7% APR

Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

  • Transparent application process

  • Timely fund disbursal

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What are long-term loans?

As the term suggests, long-term loans are the funding options through which you can borrow money for a long time. From an individual to a business person, all need long-term loans for varied purposes. These loans include the vital condition of collateral. It means, to borrow funds, you need to pledge an asset against the loan amount. The value of the collateral should be equivalent to 80% of the total borrowed amount.

How do long-term loans work?

The application process is paperless, but after initial approval, some other formalities.

For example, if a business person takes a heavy machine long-term loan, we need to get the due papers of the new machine. If it is a used machine loan, we need to organise a machine inspection. The machine must work appropriately because otherwise, we may not approve the loan application. We offer instant lending decisions.

You can apply for a long term loan without any fear of delay in the approval decision.

The process is already simple and predictable. You just need to start it once online, and things get done automatically. It is the reason that direct lending receives the tag of new-age lending. We follow the new and logical application procedure that is speedy and easy to understand.

Is it possible to get long-term loans for bad credit by the direct lender?

Yes, with flexible yet rational direct lending solutions, you can get long-term loans for bad credit in the UK. How does it happen? If your current repaying capacity is strong and shows that you can pay the instalments timely, funds can be approved. We do not take any additional cost for your poor credit situation.

long-term loans for bad credit by the direct lender

Conditions for long-term loans with bad credit situation

  • The current income status should be strong with a stable and regular income.
  • You need to prove income through a salary slip of a minimum last 6 months.
  • If you are self-employed, business accounts for the past 6 months are vital.
  • The recent records of bills and debts should show timely monthly payments.

On the demand of the applicant, we also provide long term loans with no credit check. However, that is possible only if the current repaying capacity of the borrower is strong. Also, he should have a strong career or business situation in the coming months. No credit check is basically a soft credit check in professional terms. We decided to offer no credit check based on the individual circumstances of the applicant.

Can I get long-term loans with no guarantor?

Yes, you can get long term loans with no guarantor by a direct lender because these loans already include conditions as the prime condition. The repayments are safe due to the backing of the asset you pledge to us. However, still, you cannot underestimate the significance of the current solid income status. Because selling the collateral of borrowing to recover loan repayments is always the last legal option.

With the help of strong repaying capacity, you can even get long-term loans for bad credit in the UK with no guarantor. With this you can perhaps understand that how important is your personal financial condition to get approved for the loan. A little up and down in it may leave a considerable impact in the final decision.

What are the benefits of having a strong repaying capacity?

There are multiple benefits of having a strong repaying capacity on, in other words, good current income status. You can even count those benefits. Have a look below to know the advantages of financial stability in finances are for a borrower.

  • Get a lower rate of interest – It is the first benefit. When a borrower can prove that he can pay the instalments faster, he gets more flexibility in the interest rates. However, we already customise deals, but we can be surer about you with a good income.

  • Longer tenure – As long-term loans have longer tenure, borrowers usually want to have more time to get a smaller instalment. Keep your finances in good condition, and you can be sure about ample time offered to your loans.

  • Get great offers in future – Once you connect with us, you can always explore bigger benefits on loans and can borrow with great deals in the future also. Whether it is a festive season or the normal days, you can always come to us to get surprised.

  • Higher approval rate – As the long-term loans are backed with collateral, they naturally have a higher approval rate. It is a big thing to get funds with less or no insecurity on the approval chances. We approve almost all applications.

What are the benefits if I take long-term loans from (Loan Organisation lender/You)?

We can only help you count the benefits, as the final decision is always at your discretion. We are the direct lenders with lending ethics and transparency. Have a look below to see what makes us special.

Calculate total cost with smart long term loans calculator

We want you to borrow money through a transparent procedure. Our smart loan calculators make the deals predictable. Know about the monthly and annual costs and take a rational decision. In case you have any doubt, our experts are always available in customer care.

Do not worry about the time because we offer around-the-clock access. Use the calculator as many times as possible. We have a repayment calculator and interest calculator to help you find the correct answer to all your queries. When you search for long-term loans by direct lenders, we want to become the best option.

Most of our borrowers take decisions based on the figures obtained from the loan calculator. The results are almost correct, and they help get insight into the future financial circumstances once the loan repayment starts. You can plan your personal finances accordingly.

I got rejected by a lender – Will you accept my application?

We accept most of the applications, and our approval rate is also 99%. Application acceptance is based on the personal circumstances of the applicant. But one thing is sure. We do not reject any application without knowing the actual reasons. You can always apply to us without any stress.

If we see that you can still pay the instalments and have financial stability, we accept the application and approve funds. However, before you apply to us, do not make multiple applications from many lenders. Multiple search footprints can cause application rejection.

Different lenders have different criteria. We can always discuss their reason. But before that, we want that an applicant should work on his or her personal finances. One should work on the best possible methods to strengthen repayment capacity. Online long-term personal loans in the UK are flexible for the financial deserving candidates.

LoanOrganisation lender is among the established names for the long term loans on low APR and speedy process. We have a presence all across the UK, and without any location bias, we send you money direct in your bank account. The convenient auto-debit service keeps the borrowers away from the stress of missing repayments. No more money mess, no more money stress, only relief and financial respite. Get in touch with us and borrow funds without any hassle.


How can I get instant approval on long-term loans without a guarantor?

With a strong repaying capacity, you can quickly get long-term loans without any guarantor. Get in touch with us or apply now and experience things on your own. We are open 24x7.

What do I need to do if I want to change my repayment plan?

It's very simple. We will change the repayment plan according to your current financial circumstances. You just need to inform us about it, and we will call back with a due solution.

Can I get another loan if I have a running long-term loan?

Yes, you can always get a second loan despite an existing loan. Your repayment history must be good because of that help in the further process for the new loan option.

Do I need to mention the purpose?

As collateral is included in the loan process, the purpose may be required to understand the needs. Also, sometimes we need to inspect the reason. Such as in the case of machine loans.

What If I miss a repayment?

You can make a double instalment in the next month because we do not take any penalty up to three payments. If you cannot pay the double instalment, we can scatter the amount in the several repayments of the coming months.

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