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Buy your car without the hassle of money with the best instant car loans in the UK. Loan Organisation lender is a specialist in car finance, and we have the most rational and customised deals to offer borrowers an uncompromised experience.

Representative 49.7% APR

Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

  • Approval decision in 10 minutes

  • Bad credit score is acceptable

  • Customized rates and repayments

What are car loans?

Car loans are the funding options people can explore to buy a car in exchange. They need to apply through a formal but speedy process while qualifying on a criterion set according to the lending industry rules. Once the loan gets approved, the borrower receives the funds in the bank account. Car loans through the direct lending platform are faster due to the paperless process. The total cost of the loan can be calculated through an online car loan calculator.

What are the features of your car loans?

The car loans come with some basic features, and we add more to them to make your loan journey smooth. We try to keep you stress-free from the day of approval to the day when you make your last repayments. Here are some of the features with which you can get guaranteed Small Car Loans as well as mid-term and long-term car loans.

What do I need to qualify for car loans?

Car loans come with basic terms and conditions that are not difficult to qualify if you are the least alert in personal finances. Your financial circumstances are the actual decision-makers; they just need to react according to the lending rules. Here are the basic terms and conditions you can handle in a way. We suggest you do not to worry because the qualifying conditions are simple and can be obtained easily.

  • We fund 85% to 90% of the total car price. The rest of the amount needs to be deposit.
  • You need income proof of the past 6 months to authenticate repayment capacity against the loan.
  • The employed people need to show salary slips and self-employed show business accounts.
  • Ut enim ad minima veniam
  • Recent financial behaviour should show timely paid bills and debts in the current 6 months.

Is it complicated to get car loans for bad credit in the UK?

No, it is never complicated to get a car loan with a poor credit situation. Car loans for people with bad credit situations are possible on some terms and conditions. As far as you can prove the financial efficiency to pay off funds, things are simple and predictable. Maybe a person has a good credit score, but currently, he is not earning due to job loss. He will also struggle to get a car loan and may even get rejection if he fails to prove to repay capacity. You can contact us anytime to know more about car loans with a deposit for bad credit situations.

  • Here are the important facts about bad credit car loans you should know -
  • In case of a poor credit score, the deposit amount can be higher than the standard limit of 10% of the total car price.
  • You should know that it is possible to get approved for car finance options despite bad credit due to customised deals.
  • Due to the availability of online guaranteed car loans for bad credit, it is now easier to borrow funds for a car purchase.

I joined a new job three months back with a salary hike – Can I get car loans?

As it is about not only a job change but also a salary hike, your condition as a fund seeker is promising. An increase in earnings denotes an increase in the repaying capacity. In that case, it is simpler to consider an applicant. However, the conditions may apply, as the car loans by direct lenders work on individual circumstances.

What conditions apply if you change a job with a salary hike?

Do you have used car loans?

Yes, we have used car loans, and you can apply for them anytime like any other car loan deal. The application process is the same, but the qualifying conditions are a bit different. As you can understand, it is about the used cars.

Take a look at how we deal in used car loans –

What is the difference between car loans and used car loans?

Sometimes people misinterpret that they need to apply for a car loan, and they can use the borrowed money to buy a used car. But there is a considerable difference between the two, and you should know about it to avoid any confusion when you buy a car. Here is an insight into used car loans VS new car loans.

Car loans

  • Car loans are offers to help you buy a new car right from the showroom. It may be an old or new model, but it is a new product.
  • In car loans deposits and repaying capacity are the two important factors that you need to work on. Both are basic conditions but vital.
  • Car loans for new cars have higher customization chances. It is because the vehicle is new and it is in the guaranteed period.

Used car loans

  • A used car is the one that is used by other person(s). It can be a second-hand or third-hand car. Second cars are better for car loans.
  • In case of used car loans, the current conditions of the car and the functional capacity are necessary with repaying capacity and deposit amount.
  • Get customisation for used car loans also, but you may not get a very low rate, especially the cars that have crossed their guarantee period.

Loan Organisation lender owns specialization in every financial product it offers. We know how to offer benefits of new car loans as well as used car loans to our borrowers. Without any compromise in the lending policies, we keep our customers happy with a logical approach. Humble relationship managers and round-the-clock assistance to people create a friendly atmosphere for the loan bearers. We can surely do something for you if you have any need for car loans.


Where can I find the best car loans for bad credit situations?

You can find the best deals on car loans for bad credit online, or you can always contact us. We can provide you with the correct answer and guide on how to apply to get the maximum from a car loan.

How will I know how much I have paid on my car loan?

You can always ask us to send the latest loan statement or contact your relationship manager to clear any query in this matter. Every day we around 10,000 queries from the fund seekers for car purchases.

How can I get guaranteed approval on a used car loan?

It is better if you choose to buy a used car that is in good condition and working efficiently. That makes the loan approval not only easy but guaranteed.

How much time does it take to get a car loan with bad credit?

The procedure for a normal car loan and a car loan with bad credit is the same. If your repaying capacity is good, we transfer funds to you within a maximum of two days.

How can I speed up the car loan process?

The application and further process are already fast. However, to avoid any delay, you should apply with proper and complete details and digital documents. It is because incomplete information sometimes causes delay and even application rejection.

Why are car loans with bad credit by direct lender cheaper than mainstream options?

It is because direct lending offers personalised pricing, and it gives more importance to repaying capacity than the credit score and credit history of the loan applicants.

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