Self Employed Car Finance

Buy your car with any type of business on brighter chances of approval with a high approval rate of 99%. Get an affordable interest rate and repayments with customised deals car finance for self-employed. Loan Organisation has the best deals to offer in the UK.

Representative 49.7% APR

Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

  • Simple process to apply

  • Instant approval decision

  • Money transfer in two days

What is self-employed car finance?

The car finance for self-employed, the fund seeker borrows funds through business. It is the reason it is known as self-employed car finance. The salaried fund seekers cannot apply for it. It does not provide funds to buy just any vehicle but only a car. The rest of the features of customisation, flexible repayments are similar to a car finance option for salaried people.

We have the best deals on car finance for self-employed, and you can see the difference in comparison. We depend on your discretion and can provide the best possible ways to make your car purchase simpler and predictable.

How does self-employed car finance help car buyers?

In car finance for the business owners, the applicant must first prove eligibility with the essential business documents and address proof. After that, he submits an online application and receives an approval decision in a few minutes. Once approved, the applicant received the funds in the bank account.

What helps a self-employed car finance applicant get approval?

With attention to some simpler terms and conditions, you can get approval for funds. The qualifying criterion is not difficult, and usually, most of our borrowers get approved for the funds. With an essential repaying capacity, you can get approval on self employed car finance from direct lenders.

Will I get an expensive deal on car finance for self-employed with bad credit?

The self-employed with bad credit car finance comes with the feature of customisation like any other option for the salaried people. You never pay a higher cost or a higher rate due to a bad credit situation due to individualised pricing. The current income situation is the most significant factor.


Some terms and conditions apply in this concern –

  • While customising the deals, the flexibility on the interest rate is less compared to a good credit situation.
  • If the incidents of missed and delayed payments do not cause recurrence, you can get a lower deal on car finance.
  • Your past 6-month business finances are very important to qualify for funds without any delay and stress.
  • It can be good if you have a business growth landmark to show, such as a new and renowned client/project.

Do I need to provide a guarantor to get car finance for self-employed?

No guarantor is required to get car finance if you are a business owner. As the funds are secured due to the vehicle, the applicants do not need to work on any other obligation. It may be a way to reduce the total cost in case of a financial weakness of the applicant but not a compulsion.

  • We never ask you to bring a guarantor because it is not part of the basic terms and conditions.
  • You can bring a guarantor only if you do not qualify for a desired amount for the car finance.
  • Never apply to a deal or broker that says it can get you a larger amount with the help of a guarantor.
  • Not knowing the reality may cause financial harm to you and the person who backs you for funds.

I am a start-up owner – Can I apply for self-employed car finance?

Yes, you can apply because we fund start-up businesses on the same condition of current repaying capacity. Many of our customers are start-up owners and have borrowed funds for their car purchases. Many fund seekers who left or lost their jobs and have their own businesses come to us with this concern. If the applicant has a strong financial capacity as a start-up, we can provide self-employed guaranteed car finance for unemployed people. Here guaranteed means the assured approval but only on the strong repaying capacity.

Can I use self-employed car finance for commercial purposes?

That is practically not possible because there is a big difference between using a car for commercial purposes and personal purposes. As you know, a commercial vehicle is prone to wear and tear than the one for personal use. In that case, it is not possible to consider your application for car finance for commercial use. You can always get in touch with us to know more.

In case a borrower fails to make the repayment, the lender can recover the amount by selling the vehicle. But if the vehicle has been used for commercial purposes, it is sure to depreciate at a faster pace. In that case, the lender may not get the due amount on the sale of the car. It is the reason that you have to be specific on the purpose of a car purchase. Also, it is not wise to hide things because later it may cause complications in settlement of debt and credit score also drops thoroughly.

Is it possible to get car finance in one day?

Yes, it should be possible if all the financial circumstances favour the terms and conditions. However, the maximum time to transfer funds is already two days which is a small duration. But we have financed to the borrowers on the same day.

The possibilities to offer funds on the same day depending on some terms and conditions–

Loan Organisation lender has offered car finance to many fund seekers and we are happy that they got the due experience. Some of them also took the funds for the next time as they found our terms rational yet flexible. We can serve you with the same comfort for your car purchase. The application process is paperless, and fund disbursal never takes time after the completion of the procedure. Contact us and clear any relatable doubt, and once the doubt is clear, you can apply for best car finance deals in the UK. We are here now and forever with 24x7 availability for 365 days.


I am a teenager with my own online tuition business. Can i apply for self-employed car finance?

The minimum age limit is 18 years, so you can apply for the funds if you are 18 and have a good and regular earning.

I need to change the repayment plan for a running car finance account. What should I do?

Nothing much. Call your personal relationship manager we have assigned to you, and he will get things done in one day.

How many times can I get a payment holiday during the complete tenure?

You can get one payment holiday in the whole tenure, and the payment holiday cannot be extended until receiving orders from regulatory authorities.

What is the best way to get self-employed car finance faster?

Your trading accounts should be complete and should have been signed by a professional accountant.

Do you provide self-employed car finance insurance?

Yes, we have links to the best car insurance companies in the industry, and we bring you the rational insurance cover deals while processing your application after approval.

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