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Buy your car with affordable personal car finance deals that do not put a burden on your budget. Loan Organisation lender knows how to offer you the best with customised deals and bigger loan amount limits.

Representative 49.7% APR

Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

  • Single page online application

  • No guarantor obligation included

  • Money transfer in 42 hours

What is personal car finance?

The term denotes the meaning properly. Yes, the car finance obtained to buy the vehicle for personal use is known as personal car finance. They are available online through direct lending solutions without any guarantor. The purchased car works as collateral against the borrowed funds. The borrower can control the total cost with a personal car finance calculator that helps find out monthly instalments and yearly costs. The total cost on the finance during the whole tenure can be calculated according to varied applicable interest rates.

What do I need to apply for Car Finance?

You need only some basic financial conditions to apply for car finance with several necessary details to authenticate your application. The details of the last one year have a significant impact on your chances of fund approval. Rational online financial solutions do not take decisions based on financial history. It pays more attention to the current earning and financial situation. Fulfil the following deals and get affordable offers on personal car leasing deals, hire purchase offers, personal contract purchase deals and car loan opportunities.

You need to provide the following details while applying for the car finance

Do you provide car insurance with financing?

Yes, we provide car insurance with every car finance deal because that is the vital need of a car buyer. We work with the top providers of the best car insurance in the UK. We ensure a due cover to any sort of loss to the vehicle or any compromise in your financial conditions. We can assure you of a good car insurance deal. It is essential to inform you that we never force the borrowers to buy an insurance deal through us. You can always compare the market options with what we provide you.

  • Insurance procedure completes on time with financing formalities.
  • Choose from a variety of car insurance options with maximum cover.
  • Get a cover of 80% to 85% of total car value on a very low premium.
  • Get an individual customer executive to receive all-time assistance.

Do I need to follow a lengthy procedure for car finance with bad credit?

No, certainly not. Your credit score has nothing to do with the length of the car finance procedure. Even to the poor credit people, we provide funds on the instant lending decision. Your only work is to work on the repaying capacity to sound financially strong despite a poor credit score. Poor credit situations cannot affect your approval chances if your missed and delayed payments are not recurring.

  • Make sure you have paid the bills and debts at the right time in the past 6 months.
  • There should be no career break in the last 6 months to provide career stability
  • Apply for an amount that you afford to repay despite a poor credit situation
  • Try to pay off any small exist debt as it helps to improve credit score application.

I failed to qualify for a big amount – Can I bring a guarantor to get more?

Technically, car finance options do not depend on the guarantor obligation. At the same time, they are also flexible enough to allow their borrowers to try popular ways to improve their creditworthiness. The terms and conditions of the guarantor are more or less the same. For more doubts on this part, you can always contact us and get to know the conditions that apply in your circumstances.

My income is low, but I have an additional source of income – Can I get approval?

Your approval always depends on your capacity to pay instalments. Yes, a borrower proves that efficiency with the help of income, and that should be insufficiency. It usually is better if your primary source of income is ample. But in some conditions, we also consider the additional earning. The conditions below are applicable to all types of car finance options. Whether you apply for cheap personal car leasing deals, hire purchase or a car loan, circumstances are same.

  • Despite a low income with an additional earning, you can get approval, but the latter should be consistent.
  • The additional income should not only be consistent but should also have a decided amount that you receive.
  • You can win approval in combination with a low income + extra earning + timely paid recent bills and debts.

Can I get personal car finance to buy a used car?

Yes, you can. All sorts of car finance options are available to buy used cars as used car buying make a big part of the market. It is never possible to overlook the car buyers who purchase a used car. Most of the finance procedure is same with a little different apply to all the options.

  • The current condition of the vehicle is a significant factor because it directly relates to the risk factor of funding.
  • We do the inspection of the vehicle before we approve a specific loan amount for the right decision.
  • A car that has gone through a lot of depreciation and is already used may not help you get approval.
  • You can increase the approval chances if you choose a used car that is good in functioning and condition.

Why should I choose you?

We are very particular in our financing policies because they are all made to offer financial well-being to the customers. We provide funds with some best features that make your borrowing journey easier. Rest is always at the discretion of the borrower.

  • Instant decision on all car finance options - Direct or online financial solutions have emerged as a promising and speedy alternative to mainstream options. No matter what finance option you choose to buy a car, you always get an instant decision.
  • Bad credit application get customized deals - With us, you do not need to own a good credit score to get a customised deal. We look at your current finances and put a suitable deal on the table for the offer. By the way, everything happens online.
  • The maximum time for fund transfer is 42 hours - Yes, the maximum time you wait for the funds after approval is 42 hours. As in the case of car finance, we also need to get the due documents from the car dealer and old car owner in case of a used car. Things take time.
  • Best car insurance options in the industry - We work with the best car insurance companies because we know how important insurance is for car buyers. They want a cover against all types of insecurities on the car purchase, and we know how to do it.

Loan Organisation lender is a 24x7 car finance provider with a presence all across the UK with a large customer base. If you want to obtain the best deals of finance for car purchases, we can help you with a rational offer. The personalised pricing ensures that you get an instalment that is not a burden for your income and monthly budget. The individual customer assistants we assign to every borrower make sure that you never stay unattended. In case of any query, you can call them or drop a mail to their official e-mail i.ds and get an instant answer to all your questions.


What is the best way to borrow money for a car?

There are three types of borrowing money for your car. The first option is you can apply for an auto loan with a direct lender. The other way is to use financing with the dealership – hire purchase and personal contract purchase. Whatever the borrowing money you use to buy your car, you can arrange down payment.

What’s the best car finance option?

The best car finance option is an auto loan. Some people also call them a personal loan, but they are not unsecured. Your car will be considered as a security whose title will remain with the bank. You will have to arrange a down payment for all types of financing options, but it is lower in auto loan cases and is less expensive.

Is it wise to take a personal loan to buy a car?

If you are looking to buy a personal loan (unsecured loan), you will likely end up paying very high-interest rates. People take out personal loans only to fill the gap when they cannot pay the whole cost of the car outright. If you are looking to fund your car with a personal loan, it may not be possible because lenders may not approve your application.

What is a car loan APR?

There is no straightaway APR for a car loan because it depends on the policy of the lender. It varies by lender. Further, it depends on your credit score and repaying capacity. The lower the amount you borrow, the higher the credit score, the lower the car APR.

Can I repay a car loan early?

Yes, you can repay a car loan early but make sure that your lender allows for it. Read a clause about the early repayment penalty to ensure that you do not have to pay early repayment fees. If your lender allows you to pay off the car loan before the due date, they will not charge any penalties. Otherwise, you will have to pay additional money as a penalty, and this is because this curbs their profits.

How much a £25000 car loan cost you in a month?

It is quite hard to say that how much a £25000 car loan will cost you a month because the monthly payments will be decided based on the term of the loan. Further, it depends on the amount of money you have borrowed. The term for the car loan generally extends over a period of three years.

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