Small Business Loans

No more financial insecurities with affordable small business loans. Whether you are a start-up or an established name, obtain funds for varied business purposes through a swift, reliable 100% online procedure.

Representative 49.7% APR

Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

  • Small funds without guarantor

  • Instant lending decision

  • Borrow for any purpose

What are small business loans?

Small business loans are the short-term funding facilities a business owner can obtain for varied commercial purposes. The money can be used for any purpose like working capital needs, unexpected bills, purchase of equipment etc. Direct lending is one of the available alternatives for these loans.

How do small business loans work?

Small business loans in the UK have a simple and streamlined application process with a few numbers of steps when you apply. The applicant sends the application for a certain loan amount between the minimum and maximum limit. We study it through online verification of financial details and generate an approval decision instantly. Once the borrower gives consent, we process the fund transfer. At the last stage, money reaches the business account registered with us.


How Can I Apply for Small Business Loans?

The loans for small business include a decided but paperless process. It has three steps that you can complete within a few minutes, as you need to submit all details virtually. Every applicant needs to fill in the latest information that can be verified easily. The online form and our website are mobile-friendly. You can apply for the funds conveniently while listening to music on your mobile. By the time you complete a song, the approach decision will appear.

Note - Our application process is same for all borrowers with no discrimination on credit score status or business age, or business financial conditions.

What types of small business loans are available?

The options of funding for small businesses are multiple and you can avail according to your business needs. We have all the popular loan options with personalised pricing feature and adjustable repayment plans.

  • Small business start up loans – The newcomer businesses struggle with financial insecurities. The start-up loans can support planning a safe launch in the market. They can help develop a basic infrastructure to have a workplace, or the money may help buy equipment. The borrowed funds can be used for multiple purposes. The affordable deals on the loans and simple application process ensure safety against financial issues.

Can I get a small business loan with a bad credit situation?

Practically it is possible nowadays to borrow funds despite a poor credit situation. The loans for small businesses are not exceptional. For that, you need a good repaying capacity. The application process is similar for poor credit fund seekers with no discrimination.

  • Your bad credit history must not have consistent incidents of delayed or missed payments.
  • The recent financial behaviour should be spotless with timely payments of debts. It is necessary to prove to repay capacity.
  • You should not have multiple debts with poor credit situations as that can affect your creditworthiness seriously.
  • The poor credit situation should not have any effect on the business. Such as sometimes, suppliers hesitate to work with such owners.

If you succeed to fulfil the conditions, you can get small business loans for bad credit situation without any guarantor or collateral.

We solve all issues that business loan applicants face

Fund seekers normally face some issues when they apply for a small business loan but solve every issue. With understandable procedure and customer-centred policies, we try to offer smooth funding.

Issues in Business Loans How do We Solve Them?
Lengthy process Our application and fund transfer process is completed in 24 hours maximum.
Emphasis on credit history We pay on the latest repaying capacity and can also offer a soft/no credit check on demand
No knowledge of technology You deal with direct lenders when you apply to us where only a paperless process is applicable.
Obligation of guarantor Small Business Loans without guarantor solve this concern and you can apply smoothly.
Less funds that required Unlike stringent policies, we offer the maximum possible repayment capacity.
Annoying calls from executives You get an individual customer relationship manager who never annoys you with frequent calls.

Do you have different conditions for different businesses?

No, we never cause any complications to the customers. All the deals have an integrated approach. From the new small business loans for the start-ups to the funds for the established ones, we never work on the difference of industry. Whether you are a name from the travel industry or a newcomer from the fashion world, the terms and conditions are the same for all. The fund seekers need to provide the necessary details to prove the capacity to pay the instalments. After that, every fund seeker goes through the same procedure.

Will I get a payment holiday if I take a small loan of up to 6 months only?

Payment holiday is a vital feature of our loan deals, and you always get it. However, for deals of up to 6 months, we have a locking period of 1 month. It means before you complete your first month after taking the loan, you cannot apply for the holiday.

How do you provide solution if a borrower fails to make a payment?

First of all, it is not uncommon for us to handle such issues with patience for our borrowers. We understand that time is difficult, and businesses have to survive in a difficult atmosphere. Some arrangements help us ensure a practical solution during this time.

Our only humble concern for such circumstances is that we can help better if the borrower informs us at the right time. An intimation about the inability to pay the upcoming instalment gives us ample time to make new repayment schedule at the right time. It saves the customer also from mental stress.

How Can I get a Small Business Loan?

The question of how to get a small business loan is the most common. But we enjoy answering it every time because it is easy to get a loan. You need to provide several details and need to fulfil some terms and conditions to qualify for it.

Loan Organisation is a reliable platform to obtained small business funding in the UK. We make things simpler for you without any compromise in the rational approach and lending rules. The predictable procedure, affordable repayments, same-day fund transfer, 24x7 assistance are some of our major pillars to offer comfort. Apply now and experience things on your own and attain funds for your business growth.

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