Personal Finance Apps
admin February 22, 2022

Why would they?

A lot of work is behind them, with numerous recorded (and unrecorded) endeavours to produce these tools as the primary option to manage money.

These things made them more particular to what they offer us.

Financing means organisation. With an application of this kind by you, that kind of financial planning gets to be readily available and accessible in a snap.

As a matter of fact, this is the quality everybody looks for in managing money.

Money cannot be doubled or tripled without an idea. Sometimes, you need planning and investments to make that happen. All of these start with a good financial plan, which owes much to budgeting.

And these apps we are talking about can be the catalysts in setting the budget you need for you.

Sam told us about this in a clearer way.

“Suppose I don’t have a budgeting app and I am on my own with this. I can very well fix my mind on making a good budget for me and that’s fine. Now, if a finance application is involved, then I have got some extra assistance. It allows you an extra hand and that is always a better option, isn’t it?”

Sam is working as a financial advisor with a leading credit card institution in the UK.

Let’s see what he has to tell us about the need for the financial application. You can also get to identify if you need one for you in 2022.

Budgeting Apps: Do You Need to Download and Use One of Them?


That is the short answer.

The long answer?

This blog can serve that purpose.

From making your first savings account to making payments ready for offering the fees on bills to taking out a fast no credit check loans for unemployed probably for finishing the next payday payments and many more, you need to do a little financial planning.

When an application is involved, then managing money in mathematical and frugal ways becomes more probable.

And fresh data shows that people are already into this trend. They are literally using the free applications and are even downloading the premium ones investing money.

So, that’s good for a start, right?

In this regard, we can offer you quite a fascinating statistic found by Statista. It is given below:

“…most individuals used a budget app anywhere from once a month (10 percent) to every day (14 percent).”

And it is estimated that this number will grow more in the future.

Do you want to hear more about it?

Then read some more…

Have you heard of the famous app or budgeting application called Mint?

It has been estimated that Mint has grown to a user base of over 20 million users in the US by the year 2016.

And that was 6 years ago.

Oh, wait! Do you want to know about it now?

And you definitely want to know about the UK, right?

In that case, consider Money Dashboard.

In the UK, Money Dashboard has reached a huge user base. It has already reached 200,000 users. It is also being estimated that Money Dashboard, by 2024, is going to get FIVE TIMES of the number of users you have just read.

Now, you have a solid idea of what these applications can do, right?

What We Have Known So Far

The thing is, we need to look at the bigger picture. The financial apps are not just financial apps because they keep track of your money and help you be organised.

Many of these applications are reported to assist the human user on a psychological level.


It’s true.

An app known as Credit Karma notes down how its users are interacting with the services provided by it.

If the user feels good mentally with the financial health of budgeting, then the application tracks it; the developers get to know it. They provide more improved services to let that customer get even more enthusiastic.

This process can go the opposite direction too!

When the user is not feeling okay with financial health or budgeting as made by the app, then the data is immediately sent to the developers. They set on altering their services or making updates to make them more acceptable and benefitting.

Other applications also mould their offering based on the number of downloads.

The main thing is these applications will always be in close reach with the users’ needs. Somehow that has been the factor you were looking for a really long time with budgeting and financing, right?

The Outcome: Something You Will Like

Budgeting and financing are majorly done for many purposes. One of them is the need for making good and productive savings.

Apart from putting money aside, borrowing some amount from a fast no credit check loans for unemployed might not be the only way to save money.

You can save money by spending less.

In this scenario, the financing applications have proven their worth by offering a variety of calculative options that help you save money in areas where you spend it.

Be it from home renovation to owning another insurance for your car or a bunch of food on the takeaway from your favourite restaurant. A finance application might be the solution where it can literally compare costs and make it easier for you to understand them better and the more affordable options.

To say frankly, your finance application makes you more stable in monetary dealings and always finds you ways to ensure your expenses are taken care of smartly.

We would like to draw your attention to one more surprising fact right here.

According to Financial Times, consumers have got to reduce their spending thanks to their finance apps.

Here is the proof:

In dining and drinking, app users typically reduce their spending by 17 per cent in the first month and a further 14 per cent in the following six months.

That’s surprising!

The Most Important Thing: Financial Literacy

No one is asking you to go into the classroom of a finance school and take a certification course on how to manage personal and professional finance.

All we are asking you to be more conscious of what you have been doing.

Financial literacy means being more conscious and aware of money and how money is managed and dealt with in modern days. While you can learn a lot from experience, a finance app can add more points to that.

World leaders say that a finance app works as a financial assistant to you. It is true that these applications are still applications, and they have nothing but programs running through their…well…existence. But they can always show a user the better side of financing by synthesising variety and clarity in managing finances.

Finance apps can do a lot of work without you even noticing the benefits.

That is why leading financial advisors want you to learn more about these apps. You also need to work with your updates, and there might be a problem in that regard. 

So, are you ready to work with your financial app anytime soon?

We can give you an even better idea.

Consider two o more financial apps and check them each with the financial solution you have in mind.

Once you have decided on the usage pattern of the applications and the way they are used in the real sense, you can surely track the app you need and the others you can probably use some other time.

To Conclude

We have missed telling you something special.

It is that if you are taking out bad credit loans with no fees, no guarantor and no broker, then also a financial app can help you with the repayment and budgeting in effective ways.

When that is done, you will even feel better with these apps. So, which one are you using?