Feeling Tired
admin June 8, 2022

You shouldn’t feel tired all day, right?

It is not that we are saying you are supposed not to feel tired. But then think of the multiple organisms and millions of cells for different purposes (and hundreds of chapters from Biology Textbooks you have read) in one body. Did the body make room for all of these components to make you feel low?

Our lives are great, and we can make a wonderful difference in this world if only we stick to using our bodies to their full potential. Yes, it does not mean that you have to push to an extreme level. That may give rise to irrecoverable damaged.

In medical terms, the condition of feeling tired, sleepy or the presence of little to no motivation is called fatigue. When you are fatigued, you do not get the physical or mental energy to work. As a result, you lag behind; you cannot finish your work in time and be less productive.

But this can change, and you can discover wonderful energy in doing work if only you look at your health and give it the updates it needs.

Yes…like software!

Want to know why you feel tired all the time the day? Then please scroll down and finish reading this post!

Reasons Your Body Is in ‘Tired’ Mode All Day

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you work towards your body and get the help of a physician in this regard, you can make a difference. You won’t feel tired any longer.

Although this is not a very common thing, you can suffer from significant illnesses, and you might require special medical attention such as surgery too. In that case, we might help you with a 2500 or 5000 loan bad credit from the direct lender facilities. But you need to diagnose your ailment at the very first.

In that mission, this post is going to add some fuel.

Down below are a few of the reasons which can make you feel tired and feeble for the day.

1 - Sleep deprivation

2 - If You Are STRESSED!

3 - You Might Not Get Nutrients

4 - Maybe You’re Not Exercising Enough

5 - Ingesting More Alcohol? Or Caffeine

6 - Certain Mental Illnesses Such as Depression

7 - Improper Hydration of the Body

8 - Diabetes

9 - Obesity/ Weight Loss

Let us now learn more about these points n a little detail:

1 - Sleep deprivation

According to survey data, two/ thirds of the UK people suffer from disrupted sleep. That is about 67% of the population.

Think of that!

Sleep deprivation is probably one of the first reasons for cancer, heart disease, and many other ailments.

Lack of sleep can lead to a poor appetite, loss of weight and hormonal problems.

As a matter of fact, sleep deprivation can seriously toy with your memory and focus. For this, you are distracted in your work, and you feel way more distracted than ever.

Feeling tired can also be a result of losing focus and getting annoyed with yourself!

So, the next time you feel tired at work. You can talk to your boss and get a nap.

2 - If You Are STRESSED!

Stress can be different. More than that, it can even be dangerous.

If you are stressed, your body will naturally feel the kind of emotions and loss of energy associated with fatigue.

You can get even more stressed with work and suffer something called Chronic Stress. It may lead you to a condition called Exhaustive stress or ED. If you do suffer from ED, then your stress hormones have taken control of your body, triggering constant fatigue and loss of energy and vitality in your body.

With chronic fatigue, you may experience specific changes in your behaviour, particularly in your focus, because your body cannot manage it.

This might lead to inflammatory problems in the brain, causing considerable issues.

So, take care of yourself; meditate; relax and enjoy your hobbies. Don’t let yourself be the subject of constant malfunctioning.

3 - You Might Not Get Nutrients

A lack of nutrients or a poor diet may trigger such issues too!

Medical science identified sugar as a substance to be away from. Yet sugar makes our brains work, and you will not survive without it too.

However, taking the latter reason as an excuse, some people consume excess sugar that slowly and silently makes the system increase dopamine secretion, which is called the pleasure hormone. Yes, it does make you feel sleepy.

Apart from sugar, poor eating habits and improper food choices such as junk food makes the level of toxins in your body rise to a particular level that is quite damaging.

4 - Maybe You’re Not Exercising Enough

In case you don’t exercise, then there is a high chance of feeling sleepy and tired throughout the entire day.

Lack of workouts means your body is not getting the movement or the kind of flexibility it looks for. This makes the system bored. Feeling bord may also contribute t the secretion of the stress hormone named Cortisol. What it means is that your lack of inactivity can trigger stress. Yes, you have read that right.

5 - Ingesting More Alcohol? Or Caffeine

Both Alcohol and caffeine in your system are quite the same in carrying toxins.

In both cases, the nerves are not put into a state of calmness and relaxation. People who work late at night or for long hours often take the help of coffee (and then some extra beer when work is over) to make themselves stay awake.

But, coffee or alcohol excites the nerves and disrupts the digestion system greatly.

All of this results in a night of poor sleep, and you know what the results of that mean, don’t you?

6 - Certain Mental Illnesses Such as Depression

Depression is a serious condition and it must be treated very soon.

In any form, depression will make you feel sleepy; tired and demotivated to work.

Depression is not welcome in our lives. If you do feel sad or low or a lack of energy; do talk to someone. You need not do much. Try speaking up. It works!

7 - Improper Hydration of the Body

Maybe you are not drinking enough water.

In case that is true, then know this water carries all the nutrients to cells in our bodies, keeping all the bodily systems function n the right pace and degree.

But droning less water is going to waste the nutrients you get from food. This also happens if you drink excessive water as the goodness of food will be excreted out of your system.

The outcome?

You are sleepy!

8 - Diabetes

Diabetes can trigger various diseases that are difficult to treat. Ignoring it can lead you to significant health problems in the future.

You need to invest a lot of money to tackle those problems. Although you have got a secured loan with bad credit to deal with them, you can still control your lifestyle to help it be under control.

Both in the early or in the advanced stages, a patient suffering from Diabetes will feel some sort of tiredness although he or she might be fully rested.

Always keep on exercising, eating healthy, being in checkups and staying happy. Happiness is the archenemy of Diabetes.

9 - Obesity/ Weight Loss

Being overweight, or its opposite, underweight can not only cause physical problems, but you may experience feeling tired from time to time.

Both these conditions have also been linked to mood swings.

Besides, they can indicate serious health issues too. So, go ahead and talk to your GP now.

To Conclude

Although other factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or some medications can create weariness in your body or make you feel stressed, you can still manage it because you are conscious.

Like we offer car finance with no credit check at any moment, help is instantly available if you search for an appointment with your GP.

Just remember feeling low is okay.

It just doesn’t have to be that way. So, find someone to talk to and recover from this problem.