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admin September 2, 2022

Mobile website?

You need it. Your brand needs it. Your customers need it.

The world needs it.

And now that you know your mobile website is important, you can have a look at that after you finish reading this post.

It is because there might be some issues that your mobile website already has. However, that doesn’t mean your website is not good. It is definitely a banging site with features that are going to influence even the coldest customers.

But there are things you need to take care of.

With that being said, I can say that I have already shared a few points (based on my personal experience as well as industry-related data) on some factors that our mobile website and then our customers aren’t happy with.

Or they are just not interested in them.

Let’s find out.

To the Mobile Website: Things You Probably Need to Fix


Making a mobile website involves a lot of skills and, with that, resources and money. I have seen people investing a lot in their mobile websites. They are doing so much for that, and they do deserve to be treated the same by their mobile website.

However, to get it from our mobile website, it is our responsibility to make them so.

Are you missing out on something on the mobile website? Is there something that you think you can still include to make your website make better results?

Well, we can look at the following points to find it out.

1 - The Charisma of Colour

Just now, I visited this website that comes in a light green hue.

But when I designed my website, I made it appear in white and blue – simple.

Why did I not think about this, then?

Well, in the beginning, people go the conventional way. In most cases, the information that we know is that you need to design your website with lighter colours to make a soothing effect, which in terms boosts customer retention when it is to how long they stay on your site.

Now that is true.

Blue and white and much lighter shades make a difference in the minds of the customers. But we can make this even more interesting.

The website I paid a visit to was entirely coloured in a lighter green hue, and the design was responsive.

But even though it had been a website in which I had no interest, I realised that I was developing a ‘feel’ to read its content and take some time to know it calmly.

So, the colour calmed my senses and relaxed me, which triggered my interest in myself.

See, that’s what you need to do.

A calmer appearance makes customers feel more relaxed and stress-free on your website. And this is going to be more useful as you know that 99% of your customers are already tired when they pick the phone up in hand.

I am asking you to use lighter colours. But I am also telling you to play with them. Make some more research and find out the colour your brand can put as a unique statement to your customers.

Use colours by following the psychological methods. But just using blue and white may not get you that result you are waiting for.

So, it is time to think outside of the box.

2 - The Triumph from Typography

It is true that typography can make a huge difference in making your marketing agendas right.

When it comes to the mobile website, you can say that the differences are about to make an impact your customers would LOVE.

Typography is the way text-based content is used in a website or an app or about anywhere (even in a graphic presentation).

Using text in the normal Times New Roman way is a good idea. But the readability might be a problem.

If the writing appears cluttered and a bit narrowed down, all clingy to each other, then the readers might lose reading it.

For example, I read a website with cleaner text and good content readability.

Adding Sans Typeface is a good choice in this regard.

Go with plain black or anything dark for the hue of the text, as the background will already be designed in a lighter shade (as mentioned earlier).

Make use of alternative colouring and sizes in the texts to maintain diversification of the text.

3 - The Ultra Unique UI and UX

Many times I told my clients that they needed to make the User Interface 9UI) and the User Experience (UX) a lot better.

Don’t even compromise with the funds. If needed, then take out a simple unsecured business loan with bad credit. But make sure you are giving your 100% endeavours in developing the best User Interface and User Experience.

The User Interface is the way your mobile website ‘looks’.

User experience, on the other hand, is the way your mobile website ‘feels’ when used.

I have seen a lot of businesses make user interfaces in a way that is quite similar to the other businesses.

Where is that change customers need?

See, people want utility. And they are going to use your website for utility purposes if they find you give them the service.

But don’t you think you forget the fact that there are umpteenth numbers of competitors out there ready to give you a hard time?

That is why the UI and UX.

I am not asking you to make it crazy that people freak out or get annoyed with your website.

However, just using some simple colours and a straightforward design, which helps the customers learn more about your brand visually, can help you get that end result.

To Conclude

These things may sound pretty common to you

But if you want customer awareness, more brand recognition, sales and increased traffic, then just look at your website and see what changes are to be done.