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admin May 5, 2022

Working in a clean environment increases productivity. This is a fact that is proven scientifically. If you keep your desk clutter-free and well organized, it impacts your efficiency as well.

Further, it increases levels of staff engagement. If your staff is happy and organized, it leads to higher profits for the business.

Hence, try to keep your work desk tidy and hygienic. Also, whenever there is somebody visiting your office, it gives a good first impression. These impressions display how the management runs a business.

It is good to work in a pleasant and healthy environment. If your office and work desk are messy and disorganized, it lowers your productivity.

The employees do not feel like working. Also, the morale of the employees goes down. But a clean environment fosters healthy work within the office premises.

The clean office surroundings

Many offices follow different rules to keep their office and environment clean. You can educate your employees on the same.

Along with your education, try to conduct various workshops explaining the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Once your employees are used to these techniques, they can easily keep their surroundings tidy and clean.

Many managers hire professional cleaning staff to keep their offices clean. They also borrow unsecured small business loans to pay off their professional staff.

This is the right step as it will help them maintain hygiene in the office. But there are some steps that help the employees to keep their work desks clean.

Cleanliness tips

  1. Encourage hand washing

Many people do not wash their hands on a regular basis. The first step is to keep your employees clean. Encourage them to wash their hands continuously.

Around 75% of the diseases are transmitted through dirty hands. If an employee touches a surface that is dirty, they can transmit those germs to another employee. Also, they can transmit those germs to different surfaces that they are in contact.

Hence, encourage regular hand washing. You can install different touch-free soap dispensers to make it easy for your staff. Along with these dispensers, install paper towels or warm air hand dryers.

These are all contactless services that will help your employees to stay clean. These measures will also improve the standards of hygiene in your office. You can set a benchmark for your competitors.

  1. Have a tidy kitchen

The pantry of your office should be clean and hygienic. If the cooking area is dirty, it leads to a messy working area.

The kitchen should have cleaned cups and cutlery for your employees. Also, take care of the overflowing bins in your kitchen.

These are the small important things that can help your kitchen to D clatter. Sometimes there may be additional foodstuff in your fridge. Do not overstuff your fridge every day. Keep on cleaning it on a daily basis.

You can also maintain a cleaning cycle of your kitchen for a week. If your kitchen is clean, your employees may be motivated to keep the area around tidy.

  1. Clear the bins regularly

First of all, there should be dustbins installed in your office at every place. Secondly, the bins should be empty on a regular basis.

Do not let the garbage get collected in your dustbins often. If your bins are overflowing, they may be smelly and harmful to your employees. As a part of the office cleaning routine, your bins should be cleaned regularly.

Try to educate your cleaning staff about the same. You can motivate them to keep their surroundings clean as well.

  1. Declutter desk spaces

Once the surroundings are clean, the point ball boils down to the desk spaces of the employees. There should be no decluttering on these desks.

As a part of the office cleaning routine, the desk of the employee should be regularly cleaned up. To achieve this, the employees themselves should declutter their desks every day.

They should take pride in keeping their work desk tidy. It does not take much time if it is done on a daily basis.

  1. Not eating at desks

If your employees are eating at their desks, discourage this habit. Have a separate space for lunch. This has several benefits.

First of all, the employees get there on time to interact and befriend. Secondly, there is a dedicated space for lunch. This way, the desks and other spaces in your office remain clean.

For example, if an employee is having lunch at their desk, they may spill the food over the keyboard and the table. This gives a really messy look.

Also, it can spread germs around. In fact, keep anti-bacterial wipes at your desk. You can use these wipes to clean up the mess for any dirt.

  1. Provide sanitary products to your employees

To keep your office cleaner, you can provide different sanitary products to your staff members. For example, you can give anti-bacterial wipes to your staff.

This can remind them to clean the desk every time. Other items that you can provide are tissues, hand sanitizers, etc. These are the small essential things that produce the spread of germs and illnesses.

You can mitigate the spread of diseases by following these basic steps. You can contact a transportation company to supply you with sanitary products every month.

Also, you can start with your own transportation for these things. For this, you may borrow guaranteed car finance for bad credit.

  1. Go with regular cleaning programs

In your office, introduce different cleaning programmes. This can give motivation to your employees. Be careful that your work should not be affected by the screening programmes.

You may hire a professional team to clean your office set-up. You can borrow long term loans bad credit no guarantor.

Or you can encourage our employees to be a part of this cleaning drive at regular intervals. You may incentivize the screening programmes by recording your employees.

  1. Set cleanliness rules for bathroom and lunchroom

Along with all the workshops and office cleaning habits, inculcate proper routines in your employees. Along with this, set standards for lunchroom and bathroom.

The first rule should be the non-messy one. Whenever your employees use the lunchroom, they should cleanly leave it. It should not be messy. There should not be any food spilt on the table.

Also, the chair should be appropriately set. Likewise, for using bathrooms, there should be proper rules. There should be no tissues around and near the floor. Also, the bathroom area should be dry.

You can also order your cleaning staff to take care of all these things. Try to maintain the decorum of the bathroom and lunchroom every time.

Put up different signs and quotes to remind your employees. Once your employees are used to the signs and rules, they can keep the areas clean.

Another way is to keep your employees accountable for this cleanliness. If there is accountability on someone, they try to fulfil these roles. Hence, set up different rules for different areas in your office.


Set standards for your office spaces. Once your employees imbibe the habit of cleanliness, there will be no need for constant reminders.

Keeping your workspace and environment clean is essential for a positive attitude and higher productivity.