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You don’t need to be an artist. You have to be aware of something called the colour theory.

Adding colour to your website is the 2nd most important thing there is in designing a mobile website. The thing goes the same for mobile app colours. Most (almost all) apps are made in colour and not in black and white.

Well, colours can make a difference.

Mobile web colours are directly connected to human psychology. People keep on viewing a variety of websites and any other things on their Smartphones that they are literally viewing the world through it.

We cannot nurture people through colours. But we can learn to make them pleased with a colourful appearance.

That is what your mobile website colour application is here for.

Remember, it is not all about your colour therapy. It can also be about what your competitors do.

For example, a new colour scheme may not win the game with Facebook even if you have chosen the colour scheme in a therapeutic way.

Therefore, we need to be smart.

Read on to be so with colours.

How to Use Colours for Your Mobile Website Smartly

In case you are making a mobile website, you can definitely make a colour pattern appear on the go.

But that needs to be effective.

When you know that there is an loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor from a direct lender facilities involved, you are to be sure of using that money in the smartest sense so that the money gets you the profits you need.

How to get that?

Simply go through the following points we have designed for you, and you will find out what colours can do for real when a mobile website is concerned.

  • What Colours Do Your Customers Prefer
  • App Icon Colours
  • What Colour Does Your App Category Need?
  • Choose a Colour Scheme
  • You Don’t Always Need the 3-C Rule
  • A Bonus Point to Conclude

Now, let us learn more about them.

What Colours Do Your Customers Prefer

Did you notice that when you portray money in a graphical form, you usually go for the colour green?

Green actually symbolises wealth.

Then again, it symbolises the environment as well.

You can use yellow as a sign of affirmation as it is a colour for optimism and action.

On the other hand, blue symbolises peace, calm and trust. That is why most social media applications and messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype have blue and white as their main colour.

You can now look at red. Think of KFC; Burger King, McDonald's, Zomato and Pizza Hut. Their logos are red. The colour red is also used on some dating sites.

Red increases hunger in humans and make them excited to try out a new thing.

So, it is your duty to choose the colour based on the type of customers you are serving and the kind of business you are doing.

Do your research and come with the colour of your choice.,

One more thing: Don't forget to research enough and try out prototypes of your chosen colours before launching them permanently on your website. 

App Icon Colours

Well, this may not be a point for a mobile website. But it is still worth knowing.

App icons or the website icons that appear in Google or other search engines make a good impact on the customers with the colour.

Let's do some scientific studies.

The colour red has the maximum wavelength, and hence it can be seen from far away. That is why signals use red as a danger sign so that it can be seen from far away.

Other colours, such as blue, don't have that wavelength and thus appear a bit diluted when viewed from a distance.

So, it means that the colour you are going to use in your application icon or web icon in the browsers is actually going to make a good impact when they make an impact.

In this case, blue appears the most soothing.

You will see that 23% of the icons used are blue in colour. For apps where a lot of space is used for graphical presentation, such as faces for gaming apps, you can use the colour red to intensify the little leftover space and, as a result, make the icon visible with prominence.

What Colour Does Your Website Category Need?

So, are you into the food business?

Or are you wondering whether or not you will use the money you got from a quick business loans no credit checks UK for a small online business or an offline one?

Well, in that case, you need to understand the niche of your business fully.

Now you can make some changes as per the colour you want to use.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a food business, you might try making colours such as red and white accents.

So, are you making a messaging app to help people connect? Then make an app that comes in a white and blue accent. You can also choose dark themes or go for lighter and alternative versions of the colour blue such as ocean blue.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Well, when you are designing a mobile website, you need to know something about colour schemes, don't you?

Well, colour schemes are basically the origin of the colours that you have chosen and how they are oriented with each other.

Let's see what we have got.

  • Ever heard of RGB keyboards? Well, they simply use the colours red, green and blue (hence the name RGB) as these colours are the basic and singular colours of the spectrum. You can also add yellow and blue to the list. Call them monochromatic colours, and they are best if you want to have a long-lasting effect.  
  • Then comes the colour scheme, which is slightly different to understand but is understandable. Known as an analogous colour scheme, the main central colour is applied to the mobile website theme, where shades and alternate versions of that same colour are utilised to make the subordinate representations.
  • We can tell that even black and white can make a fascinating effect. The logo for Apple Computers makes it prominent. You can use such contrasting colours and their designs to enhance the vividness of your website.

If you are done with the scheme, now we have a little more of this left.    

You Don’t Always Need the 3-C Rule

Why would you worry much when there are so many colours to choose from?

Although metrics suggest that using more than 3 colours (the 3-C rules) is fine, you can always go ahead and make a 4th colour appear on your mobile website.

The goodness about this is that you can add even more vitality to the website, which will work as a refreshment to the 'already 3 colour adjusted' eyes of people.

 So, go ahead using more than 3 colours only.

To Conclude: Study Competitors

Use that bad credit loans direct lenders only that you have got for analytics and market research to study the competitor website and the colour you have used.

When we are making a website, we should be determined to make it like no other as it is a long-term investment for our businesses, right?

If you have understood this, then you will definitely choose colours wisely.

For the money, we are here to help.

Let us know how much you need.