admin June 1, 2022

Just a second!

No, I am not telling you to wait.

All I am saying is that just 1 second of delay in your website loading time might make that website lose 16% customer satisfaction.

Be it for generating leads or increasing viewer engagement, a website will be at the back seat, unobserved by potential customers, if only IT IS TOO SLOW.

To eradicate this problem, you need to take up some strategies.

Last year, we were working on a website. I learned that the poor layout and errors in coding cost the website about some percentage of the brand’s customers.

Trust me, and the owners were not happy with it.

A website probably is the first thing that creates comprehensive customer engagement with the products or services of a brand. Yes, I know you’ll start complaining about social media and blog posts and videos and things of that sort. Nevertheless, you know what? A website gives you all the data you need from a business you are looking for.

And that is why all blog posts, social accounts, and podcasts eventually lead the customer to a website.

Now, this might sound too common for you. You have already known these things beforehand, right?

But I said this for a reason.

If a website is eventual; the ultimate and the essential part of customer engagement and brand communication; the allusion to which necessarily fuels the interest of people to an active level, then do you really want that excitement of theirs to come down to ground zero just because your website is fine, but it’s just slow?

Testing one’s patience is a good thing for examinations and experiments. But, for business, it isn’t working.

Chances are your website is loading a bit slower than you expected (why would you click on this blog then?).

Chances are you are losing the customer.

And that your website is losing its rank in the SERP.

Let’s fix them.

How to Accelerate Loading Time of a Website

Do you know that a bad credit business startup loans guaranteed approval UK only takes 10 to 15 minutes?

If such a lengthy or extensive process takes only 15 minutes, then borrowers would definitely expect the website for that loan to load within a few seconds.

Want more data?

People are likely to leave a website and go for another one if the former website takes about 3 to 4 seconds to load.

You see, these problems are serious for a brand. Just a single customer or a single lead is essential for a thing such as a business. You really don’t want to miss these customers as you never know what potential they carry within them.

In order to make them happy, try to make your website load faster.

And to do that, consider the following points:

  • Don’t Rush at First. Check Your Website’s Loading Speed
  • Clear Those Coding Clutters
  • You Need to Remove Ads and Pop-ups
  • How to Optimise Images and Videos in a Website?
  • Caching Helps
  • Lazy Loading Might Help too
  • Split Larger Pages
  • You May Delete Plugins That Aren’t Required
  • Choose a Simple Theme…Please!
  • Are You Working with the Right Hosting Company?

Time for us to know about these points in detail. Grab a cuppa tea or coffee, and let’s get started.

1 - Don’t Rush at First. Check Your Website’s Loading Speed

Whenever you want to make an improvement, you need to learn where to make it.

Before increasing your website’s loading speed, you can test it with tools like Google Pagespeed or GTMetrix.

You can use the same tool to recheck the loading speed when you are done with the changes.

2 - Clear Those Coding Clutters

Working in this industry, I can tell that some simple methods can make your website way faster than what it is right now!

  • Use a single coding language. You are writing the script for your website using JavaScript and then choosing another language. It will be fine for the website but bad for its loading speed. Using more than one language makes the websites read different codes all over every time it loads. It can make a difference in loading time when compared to a single language, which naturally takes less time for a website to read while loading.
  • Remove duplicate scripts from your website for a faster loading time
  • Coding in a proper or a ‘clean’ way helps Google or search engines to read and then rank your website.

Yes, sometimes, you may need the assistance of a coder. Weill, no worries! You can take out a bad credit business loan guaranteed approval UK to fund your digital marketing project and use part of that money to fire a coder.

3 - You Need to Remove Ads and Pop-ups

Advertisements are good. They also pay you. But do you get a good enough return out of them?

In 2022, the answer is a ‘no’.

Pop-ups present some more problems. They make your website even slower. They are annoying and make a user lose interest in your website.

Ait! Let me give you a new update with pop-ups: Google is not approving them too.

Remove them!

For the ads, try replacing them with other brands in the process of networking them on your website. Your customers might find these enterprises helpful. This process is known as affiliate marketing, and it works fantastically to market a website and network it.

4 - How to Optimise Images and Videos in a Website?

Photos and videos can look good.

But their sizes might make the website take ages to load. Users leave such pages. They are not even going to see them then.

With photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, you get to compress images, edit them and save them for the web.

Running a video in the background?


But it is going to slow your website.

Instead, you can remove the video with high-quality photographs and moving headlines.

5 - Caching Helps

Caching is a smart process.

It means part of your website’s data is stored temporarily in the computer or the device of a user. The first time a user visits a website, the data gets stored in the device. So, the second, the third (or an umpteenth) times the user loads the website will load faster because part of the data is already stored in the device.

For example, a website can store photos and other graphic content on the device of the visitor. The next time the visitor loads the site, it would be quicker because part of the content already exists on the device.

6 - Lazy Loading Might Help too

It is not recommended for all sorts of websites.

But if your website has a lot of images and then videos and that sort of graphic content, then you might choose lazy loading.

It is the process of loading the content that your user needs specifically.

You can consider it a more customised website loading.

After loading the content the user prefers, the website can load more content in case the user wants it or scrolls down.

7 - Split Larger Pages

We probably saw this all along, yet we didn’t pay attention to it.

Are the pages of your website; long and stuffed with content?

Well, split them into smaller pages and add access to them on the website.

The problem’s solved!

8 - You May Delete Plugins That Aren’t Required

Be choosy in doing this.

Yes, plugins are essential for your website, and they help it with a number of facilities.

But the statistics show something else. They are stating that plugins do not prove suitable for supporting resources.

Therefore you need plugins, but you don’t need all of them. You can just use the ones compulsory for your website.

9 - Choose a Simple Theme…Please!

Too much of a good thing can ruin the effect.

When your website is studded with content, it will not work faster.

Rather choosing a simple theme works BEST to load the website faster. You can still choose a lot of such simple themes from WordPress.

10 - Are You Working with the Right Hosting Company?

Paying money for hosting?

Well, do it carefully.

In the pressure of competition, many companies offer you either a competitive price or a high price.

But with both of these price points, you do not actually get the kind of hosting services you look for.

Small errors in these services can slow your website down.

Instead, you can research more on the hosting services and find out if they offer you the full support you deserve. When found, taking out a very bad credit loan with no guarantor no broker in the UK for paying them makes sense as your website speed, and a lot of other things will not be compromised.

To Conclude

Loading a website is probably one of the most important aspects of running it efficiently.

Paying attention to these points, as mentioned earlier and even more, will help you a lot in reducing its loading time, which makes it effective.

That will ultimately help you to do more business and, of course, make more money.