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admin May 18, 2022

I used to wonder (while I was young, of course) how people write amazing blogs.

This is because I have always wanted to write blogs and be a blogger in the professional sense.

Yes, a blogger!

I know that might sound boring to some of you. But I wanted that.

I wanted it because now I am a professional blogger. How did I become one? Well, firstly, thanks to the Internet.

Secondly, I would like to thank numerous seniors and mentors I have worked with, both offline and online, for shaping my professional life the way it is right now. 

If you are also one of those writers whose hands are impatient all the time for the keyboard, then this blog is for you.

But I would like to inform you of something special before we dive into the main topic.

Want to know it?

Read on.

How Book Blogging Helped Me Be a Blogger

This is something I have been thinking about from the day I bought my first laptop from the electronics store in London with some money I managed asking from dad. He took this £5000 loan bad credit no guarantor direct lender for my college fees, rentals, and my first car that I needed to travel to my college (the landlord’s home was a little too distant from the college…you see).

Frankly speaking, I didn’t need a car. I told my dad about it, too, but he gave it to me to help me learn to make money and pay part of the instalments.'

So my dad and I repaid the loan. It was good learning about finances.

Now back to business.

While I was purchasing the laptop, a thought just rushed inside my mind.

I know it has been a huge amount for a family like ours. I had to be severe and use that laptop. I needed to do something that would help me pay the loan off in time.

Immediately after getting it home, I started reading blogs from a variety of niches, and it made me realise that I am not enjoying them.

Yes, you heard it right. I WAS NOT ENJOYING THEM.

This is where I realised that I had to channel my liking toward reading blogs because I had to be a freelance writer that would pay bills for my family and me. To do that, I thought about my interests and hobbies so that I could focus my energies on the blogs.

Is it food, painting or science or…?

I was stuck!

But then it clicked that I liked reading Sherlock Holmes novels while I was young. I was fascinated by the writing style of J. R. R. Tolkien after reading just a few pages of his book The Hobbit.

So, I started reading the book blogs. Now, I could concentrate and focus. I could learn what blogs are and how they are written.

Here is where I came to know about blogs…yes, book blogs. Although I am not a professional blogger on books, I have gained quite a lot of knowledge on them and would like to share why you can start writing or producing them and reading them.

What Is a Book Blog?

If you need to learn what is a debt consolidation loans for bad credit UK no guarantor, then you need to learn loan consolidation first.

Consolidating loans means paying off multiple loans or debts at once. When you take a loan for repaying more than one debt, that is known as a debt consolidation loan.

This is my dad’s influence on me. He is a finance professional, though.

Similarly, you need to know what a blog is.

A blog is a website that contains written text to convey information to its viewers and users. A website like this is regularly or periodically updated. You can change your text based information on the site anytime you like.

That is about the blogs.

So, what are book blogs, then?

A book blog is the type of blog that you use for sharing information on books. You can review a book or can write a summary of the storyline. You can also share your thought about a book or just speak about anything concerning a book.

For example, you can choose a topic such as why entrepreneurs need to read books often.

Do you see?

Now that you know what book blogs are, it is time you should reflect back on your life and check for signs which indicate starting them as soon as you can.

Signs You Can Be the Next Book Blogger

Are you an avid reader?

Of course, you are.

However, there are other reasons to start a book blog, which you will find below:

  • You Read a Lot

Maybe you are a reader, and it is perfectly fine if you read non-fiction such as self-help books. A wide community wants to read books like these, and you can help them out.

  • You Are a Writer/ Blogger

Of course, to network with more people and get even more readers' attention, you can start a book blog reviewing other authors’ works. You can also try making a website to speak about your books and market them.

  • You Work in a Publishing House

So, you are a publisher? Or that you work in a publishing firm. You can take the permission of the authority and blog on public platforms such as Quora or Medium to market books more and more.

  • You Want to Make Money Using Books

Seriously! You can write e-books or produce written content for schools and colleges to make some money. You can also monetise your blog.

  • You Want to Improve Your Writing

What is the use of writing a 500 or 1000 word blog on the page of your notebook when you are not going to show it to readers? They can also help you with valuable advice.

To Conclude

Want to be a book blogger?

Then you can use these popular portals:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Blogger

But that is not it! You probably are going to need a domain and a domain name for a website.

Yes, there are free options. However, paying a bit might get you greater benefits both now and in the long run. You can take out a portion from that 10000 pound loan bad credit UK you took out for a large summer home renovation project.

If you want to be a book blogger, always remember there is a huge community waiting to read your blogs.

Make them connect with you through your blog.