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admin May 17, 2022

Call me crazy if I love my car a little too much.

I have seen people be in love with strange and weird things. No offence to any of them. Love for anything is basically in the end.

Last week, I was reflecting on the fact and asked myself if it is right to be emotionally invested in a vehicle.

Mostly (or in most observations), the answer came in an affirmative tone.

I reckon it is the attachment and the skillset one develops over time using or driving a car. Sometimes, you see this strong love for cars among mechanics, who would pretty much skip a Sunday roast dinner in the excuse of fixing a car.

That’s perfectly okay. You are spending time with your beloved. Don’t let your car make a complaint to you about ignoring it.

However, if you do ignore it and your car needs a little compensation, then you can still buy your car a gift.

What gifts are we looking at, then?

  • Car Accessories That Cars (& their Owners) Find Useful

A few months ago, I hopped from showroom to showroom because I needed a ‘car break’.

Just joking! I had to book my second car. In the 4th showroom (I forgot what it’s named), I found this young chap, a sharp-looking; an intelligent young man of 25; to ask the dealer if he had an idea of any student car finance deal in the UK. I helped the young soul instead because I took a car loan out, of almost the same kind, when I was of his age.


But here is the catch. At the conclusion of the conversation, he asked me if a car’s potential could be increased more in some ways.

I gave him the idea that I shared in the rest of this blog.

You can gift your cars with accessories.

Why so? Accessories not only generate the true potential of a car’s usage, but they become a means of aid at the time multitasking. Your car gets more functional, and you can increase the versatility of the car probably twice or thrice, depending on what gadgets or accessories put in your vehicle as add-ons.

You can now read more to learn about them:

  • First Things First: A Phone Holder
  • Work from Car? A Portable Car Desk Would Do Great
  • How about a Mobile Trash Can
  • Using a Blind Spot Mirror Gives Additional Advantage
  • Think a Bit More on the Rubber Floor Mats
  • Wipe Away Troubles with the Tissue Dispenser
  • For the Winter: A Windshield Cover
  • Wrapping up with Escape Tracks

Well, time to know a little bit more about them.

  1. First Things First: A Phone Holder

I personally feel like the Batman while I am driving my vehicle with my phone showing me the way, mounted in my holder at MY FAVOURITE TILTED ANGLE.

As a matter of fact, phone holders are a necessity these days. Instead of making your phone lie around the other seat, a holder gives it its right place.

There are two kinds of holders. You would find the clip-on holders, and then you are going to get the magnetic mounting devices.

Choose the one you want (or your phone wants!)

  1. Work from Car? A Portable Car Desk Would Do Great

I reckon it is time work from home takes a step ore.

When my buddy Phil was messaging me a hundred times to help him with ways to get an instant car finance approval, I barely knew he had been on his way to meet me.

“How on earth can he type all this from his phone?” I thought.

He wasn’t using his phone.

Kathy, his wife, has been driving the car, and Phil composed all those messages from his laptop.

I was surprised to learn Phil and Kathy had their lunch in the car even more. Now I know that they have been using this car desk. You can attach this device to the back of a seat and then use the straps to unfold a desk.

Use it as a food tray or a laptop desk, your choice!

  1. How about a Mobile Trash Can

If you love your car, then you will keep it clean.

There are small trash cans. You get them for the card in online stores.

You can say that a plastic bag is enough.

But is it a spill-proof bag?

There are mini trash cans, which come with spill-proof technologies. You put a bottle with some drink in it inside the trash can, and you don’t need to worry about spills and marks even if they can trip over for a bumpy ride.

  1. Using a Blind Spot Mirror Gives Additional Advantage

Sometimes, using a blind spot mirror is not the expansion of the side-view mirror.

Do you know why I use it?

Well, a blind-spot mirror can be tilted at different angles, which gives you an edge in protection.

  1. Think a Bit More on the Rubber Floor Mats

You need to feel special in your car.

Why don’t you make it feel so in return?

Listen! I know that the world is not a dust-free world. There can be rubber mats for regular use, and then there can be rubber mats for all seasonal use.

Seasonal rubber mats make a difference because they are versatile, and I really didn’t need to invest in them for about 2 years.

  1. Wipe Away Troubles with the Tissue Dispenser

Although it feels premium, it surprisingly costs very less.

I knew my kid would suffer from summertime sneezes, and that’s normal.

Plus, I have got a wife who idealises eating in the car.

But it's cute, though! I love them.

They might need help anytime. The tissue dispenser will help.

  1. For the Winter: A Windshield Cover


I thought this was going to be a problem. But I later realised that this saves me a lot of time and energy.

A windshield cover perfectly safeguards the windshield from not just snow, but also those ‘difficult’ deposits of dirt, sand or mud if the car is not used for long.

I was wrong with the windshield cover.

But I know that it is worth it….almost in the way of an option regarding personal car finance UK.

  • Wrapping up with Escape Tracks

I reckon it is time to use the escape tracks to escape a difficult situation.

Sometimes, keeping these tracks can add a bit of safety too!

Using them gets you out of a wreck of mud…or snow.

It can be a saver, though!

Are you using any of these stuffs? Or are you using all of them? Do you have plans to buy some other sorts of gadgets?

Let me know in the comments below.

We can surely have a good word about it.