admin May 17, 2022
That explains it all, right? For the past few years, the world changed. Do you think that we have completely erased the effects of COVID-19 from 2020? In 2022, we are reminded of the hidden, savage reality of humankind once again by the war between Russia and Ukraine. There are more instances. There are instances in which we do not have any idea. All of this means one thing that has been happening for eternity. It is that PEOPLE NEED HELP, and they need it badly.
  • How to Financially Help Friends in the Right Ways

Of course, different individuals have different viewpoints about helping their loved ones or their friends. Chances are you have also got the appeal from your friends or maybe colleagues to lend them a helping hand by offering them cash. To tell you the truth, they should get this assistance. Sending them some money or advising them to take out a 10000 pound loan bad credit in UK or any collaborative work can help them a lot. But there is a problem, though. You have got your own things in mind. Helping friends can be a daunting task for many. To some, it is an act of importance. While to others, it is a task of necessity. It is really not our cup of tea to discuss these matters and argue over the fact, which is the most generous group. But we can all agree on this fact that we want our money to be put to help and PROPERLY USED TOO. Maybe of the uncertainty of the utilisation phase, your money stays with you and does not reach your friends. It’s understandable! In order to let this not happen and help your friends without feeling sorry about money, you can go through the following points:
  • Know What You Can Afford Giving
  • Ask for the Reasons
  • Offer Them Cash Money
  • Don’t Miss Talking about Repayment
  • If Possible, Make Your Assistance Legal
  • Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios
Let us now get in touch with them without further ado and learn about them a little more.
  1. Know What You Can Afford Giving

You can be a rich person. You can afford a good lifestyle. That’s fine, by the way! Just because you can afford a comfortable living does not mean that you can give someone else its taste. But you can still bring a smile to someone's face with even the least contribution. Helping somebody with even a pound makes a difference. But make sure you can give that pound comfortably from your side. That is why evaluating one’s budget matters a lot. You review your budget only to know that there are areas from which you can save some money and offer it to your friends and their families. Even if you give them 100 pounds, give them knowing it doesn't hamper your finances. You can use the app called Mint to get some advanced budgeting options to save some money for your friends or families.
  1. Ask for the Reasons

When we meet a client of ours, what we always do in the first place is to ask for the reasons he or she is trying to take out a loan from us. We don’t really have any problem with the customer. But it is our duty to check the applicant’s requirements only to help the person with the best loan option we can give them. Before we offer an entrepreneur the bad credit business loans guaranteed approval UK, we make sure we check all of the details of the borrower. Similarly, you need to talk to your friend or their family members about the kind of nature of their financial needs they have. Maybe you can make a difference too!
  1. Offer Them Cash Money

Is it their birthday party or just some regular coming together, such as a housewarming party coming soon? Then it is the best thing to offer them cash money as gifts as they can use this gift of yours in the best ways possible.
  1. Don't Miss Talk about Repayment?

Talking about repayment may sound harsh. But it is a reality both you and your friend cannot ignore. What you can do is you can choose to set boundaries. It is not trying to offend a person or convey this message to a friend of yours that you are a tough person to handle or that you are giving money to your friend as an act of philanthropy. If you are genuinely interested in philanthropy, then it is a very good choice. However, if you want your money back, talking to your friends would be a good idea.
  1. If Possible, Make Your Assistance Legal

Let us put this straight. If you are helping a friend and you do not know the friend that well, then chances are you will end up not possibly losing the money but spending your days in worries devoid of relaxation of the mind. Why worry much when the legal professionals are there? Talk to such a professional and ask your friend to make a legal bond. This step will help you learn more about the legal matters concerning finance as well.
  1. Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

Let's not think anything negative. But it is highly possible that your friend is probably not in the position to help you with the money when he or she promised to do so. In that case, maybe (and the probability rate of that is really low), you won't get the money back or would get back part of the money. These things have a very low frequency of happening, though. But you can still prepare for it mentally if you don't get the money back. At least you have been successful in helping your friend.
  • To Conclude

Consider a loan. There are a variety of loan options out there. Instead of giving your friends money from your own account, you can choose a self employed loans for freelancers in UK and help them with the money. You can save your savings. All the while, your friend will keep on thanking you.