admin May 18, 2022

Look, I’m ready to admit it!

Are you too?

In this age of economic tension and cyber manipulation, minimalism is key to a better and healthy life with all the social anxieties charging at you like the Savannah lions.

You can ask me why the minimalists like me, or I say so.

Think again.

Looking around your home, you may find things lying around here and there. Evaluate them, and you won’t find things that you need to keep near your bosom all the time.

There are things you need.

There are things you don’t need.

Surprisingly, the ‘don’t need’ section is relatively larger than its former.

You can shed off what you do not need.

Welcome to minimalism!

How I Learned Being a Minimalist in the Truest Sense

Let’s say you are a minimalist and that you take out a 10000 pound personal loan bad creadit. You will discover that you can literally put this money to broader use and even make the spending period longer.

It happens to minimalists, and they can feel the benefits of minimalism had they not been minimalists before.

Like me!

On my way to Essex for a vacation, I have been carrying my minimalist tools for work. I use just a simple two-in-one notebook PC; my phone, and my phone holder, which also acts as a tripod and a gimbal when held at hand.

I thought that I could blog about my realisations about a minimalist living while I have been travelling.

Yes, you are reading the result of that thought.

Without further ado, you can consider these points below to let yourself know how you can also be a minimalist in the proper sense.   

  • Find Things You Don’t Need and…
  • How about Reusing
  • Movies; Books; Media Files: Digitise Them
  • Be a Management Maser with What You Have
  • Minimising Both Things and Space
  • To Conclude: Stop Desiring Everything in Life

Interesting, right? Well, they can be even more interesting if you read about them in detail.

1 - Find Things You Don’t Need and…

Last week, me and my pigeon (okay I have a pet bird) were looking at a desk lamp.

Actually, it was the third one that my daughter bought from the supermarket. Now, she rented an apartment in the city and would definitely give a “What lamp?” expression.

As a matter of fact, this is the problem with all of us. We buy things, and then we don’t want them anymore in the next week.

To make this justified, we keep on relying on the ‘People change’ excuse.

Okay….that was a mistake…at least for a minimalist.

But you can still rectify that by selling off the things you don’t need.

You have got eBay for that.

2 - How about Reusing

In the last month, I made self-realisation.

Trust me! It is funny. But it is true.

It is that I have wanted to be a drummer using those paint cans!

Are you laughing already?

You can. But don’t do so for the one who is making a living by it on the sidewalks.

It is an idea a minimalist will find worth investing his or her efforts into. You can make object reuse in anyways.

From an old cardboard box to your previous Smartphone, you can always reuse them.

It can also save money, right?

3 - Movies; Books; Media Files: Digitise Them

You really do not need to read physical books in 2022, where the super-large presentation you showed in yesterday’s board meeting is all made on your laptop.

Literally, you can carry hundreds of books and movies on your laptop.

With just a matter of a few touches, you can transfer a huge amount of money online or take out a 5000 pound loan bad credit no guarantor. Similarly, you do not need to go to a book store to read your favourite books anymore.

I have been reading a series of novels from my phone and, to tell you the truth, I found all the books free.

You can also get to read comic books digitally.

Here is where I would like to make you a bit more minimalist.

You really do not need a Kindle Paperwhite or an Ebook Reader Device, as you can read the same files in your phone as well. Amazon’s Kindle itself made the books available both for the device as well as for the Smartphones and Tabs. 

Added to that, the Paperwhite is a device that allows you to read comic books and magazines in black and white because of the technology used in its display to help the screen resemble the appearance of a physical page from a book in normal daylight.

4 - Be a Management Master with What You Have

In order to be a complete minimalist, you need to be grateful for what you have.

This is also a spiritual practice that can lead you to an actually happier life.

Minimalists find the idea of being happy within the self. Yes, there are things in the world that have the potential to please us.

But pleasure is not always happiness, is it?

If you accept the things you have around you and want to cultivate value in them, you’re going to be a true minimalist.

Trust me! This approach never fails.

5 - Minimising Both Things and Space

As mentioned earlier, you do not really need a lot of things as a minimalist.

That doesn’t mean you will get rid of everything in your house, though.

Here are some examples of saving space with a minimalist approach.

  • Keep your photos digital, rather than a manual photo book.
  • I already told you about digitising books. Don’t you think you can sell your bookshelf and that extra desk you do not need.
  • Make a cabinet and use it as a desk at the top, keeping your clothes inside it.
  • Organise your kitchen, your closet and other areas. Out the things in the right place; get rid of the things you don’t want to use, and you will find extra space.
  • Reinforce the minimalist views and find if you can make more improvements to shed off your belongings.

Sounds harsh!

You will LOVE the end result.

To Conclude: Stop Desiring Everything in Life

As mentioned earlier, you cannot get it all at once.

From my perspective and the perspectives of people who are not minimalists, this statement makes sense.

You are just a human being. You cannot manage if you gain everything that you want.

Wait for the right thing. It would happen to you naturally.

You cannot rush a bad credit unsecured personal loans with very fast approval just because you want it. However, if you have put effort into that methodically, getting the loan is just minutes away from you.  

Being a minimalist doesn’t always mean letting go. It means ENJOYING LIFE IN LESS.

That’s exactly what you want to be a minimalist.