Home Extension Ideas
admin July 11, 2022

You don’t have anything else than you and your family.

But if you do have something after you and your family, then you can say you have your home.

Can we call it as one of the most underrated assets of our lives?  Yes!!!

No, we are not deliberately saying that you are not taking care of your house. That will be ‘sinful’ of us to say so.

But what we are simply trying to say is that your home is probably not getting the attention it needs in general.

What can you o about it?

Well, start by giving it a bit more attention and focus in improving it and giving it the support it needs so much from none other than its owner.

Homes are the greatest assets we have in our lives. Although they come with high value investments and some good level of maintenance associated aspects, it is imperative that these investments or endeavours behind it always reap good results for the future.

With that being said, we are going to speak a little about home extensions that might matter to your home in an effective sense.

You can trust us. What we are going to say will make your home valuation rise up and then make it even more productive.

So, without further ado, let us now go and learn how doing so is possible for your home.

Home Extension: What Matters and Why

Keep in mind that home extension and home renovation are two different thing entirely. When you are thinking off home renovation, then you are actually considering the way your home is made and how you can intensify its aspects to get more services out of it.

But home extension is something entirely different.

A project  of home extension means you are trying to add more to the productivity of the real estate property by making some functional changes to it by enhancing living space and access.

You see there is a difference.

We are ready to offer you assistance when you are taking an instant decision for bad credit loan UK. But before you make that decision, you have t ensure where you want to invest that money and doing so in the wrong area will only increase your expenses.

Without any more explanation about home extensions, let us get right into the matter and help you with your projects.

Please read the pints below and do that till the last because we need  to say something about home extensions additionally.

  1. Increase Living Space

Home extension can be about more space and that is a common extension idea because the families are supposed to grow in the future (in most cases).

But even if you don’t find that possibility, making a home extension in regards to living space is always a good idea.

For example, making a home extension possible with extra rooms will work well to act as spare rooms an you won’t have troubles staying and keeping an watch on your home when you need to repair a room in the home for some purposes.

What this means is that you can have a more secure connection with your home and the assets that it has. You don’t necessarily need to go away from it and stay at a distance from it just because you do not have a place to stay in it.

A spare room fixes the problem to a great extent. It may also be possible that a room or some of the living area got damaged. If there is a spare room, then you always have a space that can save you in these times and prevent going away from the property.

2. Extend…But Do So Smartly

As a matter of fact, extending your property should not be territorial in nature. It should rather be more useful and practical in its traits.

This is where an extension gets even more effective if you invested your brain power before taking out a very bad credit loan in the UK with direct lender facilities. We are direct lenders and we always advises our clients for this kind of home improvement because that matters the most when you are looking for a solid ROI of the loan you want to take out.

Let’s give you an example of that kind of extension.

You can extend your living space by adding more to the ‘actual’ living space, not compromising the ‘free’ space. Let’s say you have a two storey home in the neighbourhood and a picturesque yard both at the back and the front of your home.

Now the extension idea that is creeping into your mind is that you want to add more living space by making rooms or another hall, where you can develop more rooms with idea that might pop in your head in the future.

So, why don’t you just increase the number of storeys and make some more living space there?

It will help you save space in the front and back yard and you may be able to make even further improvements when the need will arise.

3. Don’t Extend…But Improve Functionality

Who said extension means you have to stretch your living space?

The yard and the free space we were talking about…we can make that even more functional with some bright ideas here.

The yard is a fine place. But we can make it even finer.

This happens with something called the ‘approach of utilisation’ regarding your yard or any free pace you have.

In case you have a ‘functionally barren yard’, then you can use the money you have probably taken out as a loan in order to improve the purposeful qualities of the place.

For example, add a simple patio or pergola to enjoy the brief summers you get in the UK.

In case of even better ideas, you can try out making your yard into a barbeque corner just by adding the elements you need to set up a home barbeque setup.

Or make that pergola a bit longer and expanded so that you can host a Sunday Roast dinner to your buddies at home.

You see in both ways, you are making your home even more functional and purposeful than ever.

Think about it. You will love to have such a functional home.

4. Make Some More Living Space…Separately This Time

Do you live with your parents?

Are you working in some sort o creative or other kinds of projects  that are quite important but you need to work from home?

Do you want a separate living space for studying?

Are you looking for an in-home dedicated storage space?

You get the idea.

If you have a very important need for a separate work area or a storage option but that too in your home in a dedicated way, then you can certainly go for making your living space extended.

For example, you can be a painter and maybe you are working from home. It would be great if you are allowed a separate studio in your home to work comfortably.  

Although you can do this by increasing the storeys in your home, large properties with lots of free spaces will do well with this kind of extensions.

You can just make a separate room there in the free space of your yard and use it as a studio or your personal home office if you want to.

Think on this and decide what you would like to do with it. Who knows? Such an extension might make you even more productive.

Are We Missing Something?


Before making your home extension happen, you might need to pay attention to a few things in particular.

They are:

  • Make sure the extension ideas you have figured out are all mandatorily revised by you and are discussed with the renovator who is going to work for you
  • If the project is pretty extensive and that it might affect the surroundings of your home, then inform your neighbours beforehand and let them know about the project in detail
  • You should have a good idea on the financial evaluation of the project in particular if assistances like a bad credit loan and no guarantor are needed
  • Make a good plan about the project and talk to your renovator about it in a professional way

In case you are making some sorts of development including rooms or majorly architectural elements for your home extension, then you must take some time to look at the architectural details and make your decision accordingly as one these things are made, it is pretty difficult to make alternate them.

To Conclude

So, there you have it…a few home extension ideas that may be worth your home’s value.

Well, they will be worth if you care using them.

Do you think these ideas are useful? Are they important for your home extension? Or do you have some other ideas to make your home even more functional?

Well, let us know in the comments below!

And, as always, let us know if you do need some financial assistance. We are direct lenders and we can aid you in the financial department if you want us to.