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admin June 28, 2022

Nothing is without trouble, my dear entrepreneurs!

You need to go through hardships in almost everything. That is the nature of life and whatever it has to offer.

When I started my filmmaking business, I knew that I had been going the right way.

But then came a bunch of problems, and I realised I probably had selected the wrong journey.

Don’t be fooled, though. Life has some ways to trick you.

I realised something more after it dawned on me that I should leave filmmaking and go back to my day job.

Do you know what I realised?

I reckon that is the topic of this post.

Why You Should Never Ever Let Go of What You Like Doing

To tell you the truth, I realised one simple thing.

Where would I be of any importance apart from filmmaking? It is my passion. Yes, I can certainly make a living out of something else, like being an accountant in a company. But it would feed my wallet only.

Filmmaking feeds both my heart and my wallet.

Do you see the difference?

Of course you did!

In the UK, people are starting off 1823 business in a single day.

And you think they don’t face obstacles? They do. There are solutions though like a small business startup loan.

More on that later!

Be it business or that new job, or the degree you are looking for. Nothing will be a merry-go-round…

….unless you start thinking that way.

I never left filmmaking. What I was happy about it was that I had been given the opportunity to find my own happiness through a single device called the camera.

With proper timing and dedication, I also got clients; I started making professional photoshoots in my home and made my first wedding film, and I enjoyed it SO GOOD!

You can do this when you are aware of the fact that there will be some bumps along the road and that you are prepared for it.

So the first solution to problems like this is your consciousness of upcoming issues. When you are in that mindset, you are also prepared to minimise their impacts.

To help you with the idea of these things, I have jotted some points down right here. Maybe they will be of help.

  1. Competition
  2. Expectations that Don’t Make Sense
  3. Weak Cyber Security
  4. A Gap in Workforce for Inaccurate Hiring
  5. Financial Pitfalls
  6. Customer Communication and Brand Awareness Issues

Now that you know what the problems are, time to discuss a bit about them!

  1. Competition

Do you want a startup? Then you’re in for a competition!

No brands have succeeded without competition. The most successful brands out there that stand out today have outnumbered other brands with almost the same probabilities of success from their ends.

As a matter of fact, competition is very real.

But more than that, I can say it is good.

You can’t have the special attributes you expect in your brand if there is no competition.

However, why do most companies fail at it?

It is because competition happens for market needs. These requirements are always diverse, and they keep on changing.

If you are smart enough to grab opportunities during these changes; you are looking at a good scope to expand your business.

Do you want to win the competition? Start a good market research. Hire a digital marketing team and use applications using part of the money you took out as a very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker from a direct lenders such as us.

2. Expectations that Don’t Make Sense

Are you dreaming?

Or are you daydreaming?

Well, if you daydream, then that is not your fault, as it is common with startups.

Let me tell you, expecting really high will only get you down. It works almost like temptation.

These expectations, like temptation, feel good to think about or get, but they defy reality and, therefore, the real picture of the kind and quality of revenue you might get.

You have to assess the situation of your brand at first and then rely on that assessment to get your results.

Sure, you will expect. But why don’t you harness it first?

Remember the following line:

Dream Big, but expect less.

3. Weak Cyber Security

Your business doesn’t probably have an office.

Just messing with you! You would not have a physical office in case you are running a fully online business such as an eCommerce website.

Even if you have a physical office, you need to secure it with strong cyber security because a huge part of the company data will sit online.

Then this data is startup business data…its fresh…and hackers love it.

Instead of thinking too much, just invest well in the department of cyber security.

You can also work using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. It creates a tunnel (virtually, of course) so that you can work with your data unexposed. Hackers won’t find you.

4. A Gap in Workforce for Inaccurate Hiring

There are many programmers, data scientists, accountants and other professionals out there. But not all of them are the ones you need.

For example, they can have suitable offers coming with them. Some can agree to work with you for a low salary. Others might give you flexibility in working with them.

But are they offering your brand what it needs exactly?

So, focus the priority of your employees on the end result on whether or not your purpose is served.

One more thing! When you find an employee who is suitable for you in the right ways, try to work with them long-term because they can help you in unique ways.

5. Financial Pitfalls

Don’t worry about it.

It is very common to make mistakes. But making mistakes in this department can be costly.

You know what I mean.

A single accounting mistake or missing out on an entry in the records for bookkeeping can still make your business suffer a huge financial loss.

Although you can solve these problems by grabbing quick money by a personal loan for business, you have to be careful in your brand’s finance management.

These loans are unsecured. So, keep the worries of collateral at bay. Even if you are not generating enough revenue at the moment, but you are sure that you can see in the future and that too with evidence; then you might also be eligible for a loans for unemployed with bad credit. A bad credit score is also going to be skipped if you can evidentially make a statement for repayment.

6. Customer Communication and Brand Awareness Issues

The fact is grabbing the attention of customers is going to be the most challenging task ever.

I faced the same issue, and there’s a 99% chance that you will too.

The solution to this is not to know your customers by market research, but to know your customers by themselves.

Make more communication with them with advanced customer-centric approaches to learn more about your customers.

To Conclude

Now you are probably feeling a bit better with the matter, yes?

Well, you can make it even better by just accepting the challenge.

Whatever you do…just don’t let go.

Because that’s not the way, things work.

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