Ask These 7 Questions to Yourself and Your Lender for an Unsecured Loan
admin July 14, 2022

It doesn’t include collateral.

That’s one good reason people look for personal loans. Why wouldn’t they? It is advantageous; it is flexible, and it is quite helpful in emergency situations.

But why do you need to think before taking it out?

Look, you make some sort of analysis before doing anything in life. Whether it is the next coffee-flavoured biscuits you are going to try or the next laptop you are going to purchase from your trusted e-commerce store, you do run some thoughts inside, don’t you?

Of course, you do!

Why would a personal loan be an exception?

Personal loans are basically unsecured loans. They are not secured by something like an asset such as collateral. So, you do not have to worry about collateral and go ahead enjoying your asset in the way you want to.

However, there are different kinds of personal loans too. From the common unsecured loans to a loan for bad credit (and yes, it is still unsecured), the personal loan is a subject on which you can do some studying.

So, What Questions Are Important before Applying for a Loan

Yes, you can take some time off your weekends, grab that tab or your Smartphone and learn some really cool things about personal loans.

But it is also true that you don’t have time. That is why direct lender services exist. That is why posts like these are created. Reading it, you can decide on whether or not you are going to finally take out that £5000 bad credit loan with no guarantor from us.

So, read on to learn the questions you need to ask yourself and your lender if you want to make a sound borrowing decision.

  1. Why Exactly do I Need a Personal Loan?
  2. And What Amount Would Be the Best?
  3. Do I Have Evidence of My Earning?
  4. What Is My Credit Score?
  5. Am I Allowed to Foreclose the Loan?
  6. Will an Unsecured Loan Get Converted into a Secured Loan?
  7. Do I Have Any Alternatives?

Without further ado, it is time for us to make further discussion:

1. Why Exactly do I Need a Personal Loan?

People take out a personal loan for a variety of causes.

Now, we are going to say something even more positive here.

Since personal loans are, by default, ‘personal, you can use them for almost any cause. So whether or not it is:

  • An emergency
  • An immediate investment
  • A repair work
  • Educational Fees
  • Utility Bills
  • Purchasing stocks or equipment
  • Paying another debt

…you are always going to be assisted by a personal loan to use the money in the cause you like. However, you should maintain some sort of transparency with your direct lender to maintain professional decorum.

Plus, you also have to read the other loan terms carefully, which we might discuss a little bit provided the topic of this post.

2. And What Amount Would Be the Best?

To understand the personal loan in a better way, you must read the terms and conditions and use a loan calculator in particular to find out the repayment amount.

It is because personal loans are flexible and you are going to find many plans to repay the amount, As a borrower, it si going to be your duty to check the loan term that fits your affordability perfectly,

Learn about different packages, make your personal calculation and find out the most suitable loan term for you. In that way, you will not make borrowing mistakes too.

And don’t worry!!! We, direct lenders, are here to help you with that.       

3. Do I Have Evidence of My Earning?

When you are going to take out almost any kind of loan from a direct lender, your financial and professional documents are going to be required in a mandatory sense.

Your income is the main thing that is going to get you the loan from us. We are not going to make a hard credit check if your income is stable and you display sound financial behaviour.

Almost all lenders do this just to find out if you can afford to pay the instalment…that’s it!!!

Here are the documents we will require from you:

  • The offer letter and the experience letter were given to you by your employer
  • Your paycheck or salary information
  • Your bank statement
  • Your credit card details (the updated credit report and credit score).

Once we get this and they appear fine t us, we can say that you are going to get the loan from us in no time.

Added to that, we don’t need the approval of a full-fledged full-time job. We also allow a loan when you are employed part-time or freelance or receive benefits programs or allowances.

4. What Is My Credit Score?

Your credit score isn’t going to make much difference when you want to take a loan out.

Your credit score is a number for sure. But again, it is the number that defines your transactional behaviours and all.

Again, this process indicates how well you are doing with your finance and your loan affordability status.

We only make a soft credit check to understand your financial behaviour and to keep a record of your documents. It is part of our policy. But, it is not going to be a problem for us to lend you a very bad credit loan in the UK with direct lender authorisation.

5. Am I Allowed to Foreclose the Loan?

Different lenders have requirements about foreclosure. You have to sit down with your lender to have a word about it.

The thing almost goes the same for pre-payment as well.

Common rules state that you can definitely make a prepayment after you have successfully paid the instalments for the first 12 months in the loan terms.

With late payment, extra charges may apply.

It goes the same with foreclosure. Lenders can ask you for the foreclosure fee. So, for this, have a word if you have the probability of foreclosure going around in your head.

6. Will an Unsecured Loan Get Converted into a Secured Loan?

It depends on the way you are paying the instalments.

In some cases, you might find the instalments overbearing to you. Your needs might not be met, and you can face trouble paying back the loan terms.

But that is okay.

We mentioned earlier that we always have flexible loan plans to work with. Since we are direct lenders, we will put even a greater emphasis on the requirements of the borrower and not the completion of the loan terms at first.

Yes, if the loan is required to be converted into a secured loan, then we might do that for you. Secured loans come with surprisingly low-interest rates, but they do include collateral.

But that won’t be a problem if you have direct lenders like us at your side to guide you.

7. Do I Have Any Alternatives?

Of course, you do!

Before making the final choice on loan you need, always speak to your lender about the different options available.

In that regard, it is to be noted that we have a variety of loans waiting for you.

Some of them are:

  • Business loans
  • Car loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Loans for people who are self-employed
  • Secured Loans
  • Bad credit personal loans for the unemployed in the UK

And many more….

All you need to do is to make sure you have evaluated your present financial condition in the clearest ways possible. You can make different strategies to pay the loan off or can go for making more and more alternative decisions about borrowing the money,

But please don’t be confused with a loan. It is because after taking it out, it becomes part of your responsibility to repay it.

Yes, it is going to make your life much more organised, and your financial management sees the better side. You still need not be sorry about your decision to take a loan out. In simpler ways, don’t just regret doing so.

Always remember it is not the loan, and you and then the rest of the world is vacant. If you face any problem, your direct lenders are just a phone call away. Talk to them to solve the matter, and the loan term won’t make you troubled.

To Conclude

One good thing we missed out on state in the beginning, though.

There is something called the cash flow. When you see that the cash flow you want to see is not going to be improved by your loan, then don’t take it out.

We are direct lenders, and we might not want to lose a customer by saying these.

But, above all, we consider brutal honesty as one of the most powerful USPs of our business.

So, if you want to take out a loan and you see there is no financial improvement made by it, the best idea would be not to take it out.

However, you have these questions now to change that decision of yours. Besides, we are here to help if you are confused.