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Are you eyeing a perfect deal on a bad credit loan? Scroll down to see what we offer to you. No rejection and maximum chances of loan approval. Think beyond your poor credit score and start applying today.

Representative 49.9% APR

Representative Example: Credit Amount - £5,000 for 3 months at £1807.16 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £5421.48. Interest Amount: £421.48. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (fixed). 49.9% APR Representative.

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The mainstream lenders like banks and other lending institutions are very much choosy in granting their funds. They are stingy when an application comes from a person with a bad credit score. Fortunately, alternatives are available for them, such as bad credit loans in the UK.


At Loanorganisation, we look ahead to your past credit record to judge whether you can qualify for a loan or not.

Do you have a poor credit rating and lack financial credibility? It is okay for us. We offer loans to poor credit people irrespective of low-income status or living on rent. A significant part of our lending service is that we accept government benefits as well as the criteria for loan approval.

We are here to assist you even if other traditional or private do not look at your financial needs.


Loans for bad credit are the bunch of money provided to those with low credit scores ranging from 561-720. However, the score depends upon the agency where you want to check.

There has been a trend that poor credit loans have higher interest rates for borrowers. It is especially in comparison to the standard loan options. We manage the interest rates properly and try hard to finalise them according to your financial capacity.

We offer tailor-made deals on loans with bad credit not an issue at all. Features like flexible repayments and loan terms can improve your credit score and meet your personal ends.

If your credit record has a score below 561, you can approach us anytime as we are the specialist lender of bad credit loans. If you still have confusion regarding the figures of credit scores, see the below table mentioning credit ratings of different agencies.

Credit Scores Experian Equifax Callcredit
Excellent 961-999 811-1000 628-710
Very Good 881-960 671-810 604-627
Fair 721-880 531-670 566-603
Poor/Bad 561-720 439-530 551-565
Very Poor 560-0 538-0 550-0


Do you want to know which loans are accessible under the category of poor credit loans?

We have a wide range of loans available for people with less-than-perfect credit scores. However, we have classified them into two types: secured loans for bad credit and unsecured loans for bad credit.


Secured Bad Credit Loans

Some loans are secured for people with the blemished credit report. It means that you will have to offer an asset to secure the loan amount. The asset can be your car or in cash deposit. Here are the features of secured loans for poor credit people:-

  • With collateral, you may have loans on lower interest rates;
  • You can bag the chance of availing large amount for significant financial goals;
  • You can apply for a longer duration keeping monthly instalments manageable throughout the term.

Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

Another category is unsecured bad credit loans. Here, your credibility and mouth promise work for the loan approval. However, we have made your monthly income as the loan criteria, as it helps us make affordable deals that suit your income capacity. Look below the features of these unsecured loans:-

  • These are the risk-free loans where no collateral is required;
  • The interest rates competitive manageable to everyone;
  • During a financial emergency, these loans come with instant approval.
Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

You can decide whether secured or unsecured bad credit loans can match your current financial needs. Once you decide, you can start applying for bad credit loans with the below-mentioned procedure.


Do you need a loan instantly? Applying for loans for bad credit from Loanorganisation is straightforward, and the UK people with low credit or poor credit can have approval within a single business day.

You only need to fill out a quick and single-page online loan application. Once you do this, you get approval fast. Subsequently, we deposit the desired amount directly to your active bank account. Below is the detailed bad credit loan application procedure.

Choose your Loan Deal

Choose your Loan Deal

Send us your loan query, and we will revert to you with one or two loan deals. You can choose any one of them and start applying.

Submit the Loan Application

Submit the Loan Application

Start filling out a single page online form mentioning all personal details. Submit it and get the approval within a few minutes.

Get Funds Today

Get Funds Today

After approving your loan application, we release the bad credit loan amount to your provided bank account. Now, you can use the money for your financial purposes.

At Loanorganisation, our approach to lending can be described in two words: Feasible and Flexible. Still, it would be better for you first to analyse your income capacity and how many funds you need

Once you decide, you can apply online by using your laptop or Smartphone. We take a quick look at your income and credit score, if available. Furthermore, we can approve loan applications with no credit check if your recent financial performance is satisfactory.

With having loan amount to your account, mark the repayment date into your calendar and start making timely loan repayments until the term ends.


A loan usually fulfils your financial desires and financial needs. Sometimes, loans make way for a secure financial future. Availing of quick loans for bad credit can open the door for you from where you can enter into financial satisfaction.

Here are the possible reasons why you need poor credit loans:-


Loanorganisation offers loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits, which are meant to you a lot. There are three utmost loan benefits for which we are most dedicated. These are:-


Often people get confused between poor credit loans and very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK. We make this clear to you as we are the responsible loan provider.

Bad Credit Loans

As mentioned above, bad credit is the upper category of very poor credit rating.

It means people have the chance of availing of loans but not for the larger amount. Lenders are very much specific in funding these people. However, if they are earning well, we can offer business loans or long term loans for bad credit.

Therefore, we offer only affordable loan deals that prove easy for each borrower.

Very Bad Credit Loans

Very bad credit loans or adverse credit loans are for those with the poorest credit record or CCJ (County Court Judgement).

These people have the slightest chances of loan approval depending upon their recent performances.

We also assist people with adverse credit but only when they have a financial emergency. In these options, borrowers’ income capacity matters a lot.


The best thing that makes us different from other bad credit loans providers in the UK is we look to your present only, not what you have done in the past.

Judging the loan application on the past record may not be wise to anyone, especially those who are performing well now. Therefore, we offer loans to sustain your financial future and to build your future as well.

If we conclude the reasons of why choosing us, then these points are enough for you.

  • Our five-minute loan application process saves precious time for you, and no legwork is required as well;
  • We do not delay the approval decision. We try hard to approve your bad credit loan application and release the funds on the same day;
  • We fund you responsibly by not making anything complicated. We trust in your repayment capacity and are thus ready to offer affordable loan deals;
  • We keep the repayment simple. If you want and to avoid the issue of missing repayment, you can choose the facility of automatic deduction option on a particular date of each month;
  • Our online loan application process is 100% secure. All your personal information will be between us and not shared with any third party.

The stage is set for you. Do not think too much. Just start to apply for loans for bad credit now.


How Bad Credit Loans Improve My Credit Score?

If bad credit loans are based on your income and affordability, you have every chance of improving your credit score. However, you have to make each monthly instalment on time.

Should I apply for many bad credit loans to be qualified?

We will suggest you not do this as it may impact your credit score. If you apply at Loanorganisation, you do not need to apply anywhere as we provide everything that your finances want from a direct lender.

I am unemployed. Can I Qualify for a Bad Credit Loan?

Yes, you can easily qualify as we have a specific loan product called bad credit loans for the unemployed. In this, we can approve your loan application on these bases:

  • Part-time income
  • Unemployed benefits
  • Government grants
  • Rental income
  • Freelancing

What is the maximum term for bad credit loans?

We offer bad credit loans for the maximum duration of 5 years. If you want smaller monthly instalments, then a longer duration is fine. Otherwise, you should opt for a smaller loan period.

What is the difference between a hard credit check, soft credit check and no credit check?

  • A hard credit check is the most common but strict way of credit perusal. It means approval is only there for those with excellent or good credit scores
  • The soft credit check gives more relaxation to the borrowers where their credit scores will be checked, but they get approval as well.
  • No credit check is very rare that the lenders offer when the borrowers’ current financial performance is extraordinary.

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